Truck Stop BBC

Let me start by saying I am a married man in my mid 50’s, and up until yesterday I considered myself to be straight. I was on my commute to work and had stopped at a Travel Center/Truck Stop to take a leak and grab something to eat. The bathroom in the place was huge with a row of urinals on the right with partitions from floor to ceiling and changing rooms to the left. As I walked in I noticed this tall black guy standing at the first urinal. He was standing a little back from the urinal with his hands on his hips and turned 1/4 turn to the right. So he was kind of facing out. As I got closer I glanced over and caught a glimpse of the biggest cock I have ever seen. I think he was intentionally showing it off because he wasn’t pissing at all, he was even facing the other way. Another glance and I was thinking “what a fine piece of fuck meat”! It was real thick and came out of his fly and hung down at least another six or seven inches. It was a milk chocolate color and the head was slightly darker. I’ve never been attracted to a man before, but this dick was beautiful! Without realizing it I said “Damn” as I walked on past to the next urinal. I could not believe how the sight of his big dick had effected me! As I stood there relieving myself I was thinking, I’m no cock sucker but I would even suck that big fat dick! Not sure why but I tried to hurry and get done so maybe I could catch him at the wash basins before he left. No such luck, he had already made his way back into the store when I was done. I went in search of him in the store, not that I would ever approach him I just wanted to see what the owner of that big fucking cock looked like. I found him in one of the snack isles, picking out a few things. I acted like I was looking for something too as I made my way past him. He stood up and looked my way. He was very well dressed, clean cut, and good looking, nice smooth complexion, light brown skin. What the hell is wrong with me! I was getting hard! As I walked by he said “would you like a closer look”? I said “excuse me”! He said “You seemed impressed in there, I thought you might want a closer look” I thought about it a second, but I wasn’t going to pass this up! I said look I am a happily married man and have never thought of doing anything with another guy, but seeing you like that did something to me! You have an amazing cock, and yes I would love a closer look! He said “follow me” we walked back toward the bathrooms, he said just follow me into one of the changing rooms. If someone is in there just go into another until they leave. There was no one around so We went strait in. I sat down on a bench seat that was at one end and he stood in front of me. He unzipped and told me to take it out. I could clearly see his cock hanging down the inside of his thigh through his slacks, so I reached up and squeezed it though the thin material a few times. Fuck he was big! Then I reached in and was trying to pull it through the fly and then he dropped his slacks to the floor giving me full access to his dick and balls. His nuts were just as impressive. They must have been the size of golf balls in a low hanging sack. He was completely shaved, which made his package look even bigger that it already was! I started stroking his dick with one hand and playing with his nuts with the other. He started to stiffen up a little, so I asked him “just how fucking big does this thing get”?! He said he was right at 11” hard! As I continued to stroke his cock and play with his balls precum started to form on the tip of his cock. I used the first couple drops to lubricate my hand and as I squeezed another drop out he said “taste it” as I went down and licked off the first drop, another quickly replaced it. I sucked that into my mouth and found the taste to be intoxicating. The fact that I was sucking another mans cock made it that much more exciting. I started sucking the head of his cock and he started to moan and thrust forward trying to get me to take more. Precum was now pouring from the head of his cock so fast that I had to continuously swallow to keep it from spilling out onto the floor. I grabbed him by his firm ass cheeks and started forcing his cock further into my mouth. When his dick hit the back of my throat I started to gag. He really like that and started fucking my mouth and saying “take that black dick” “suck my big black dick” Then I grabbed his ass and forced his cock down into my throat. I now had all but about an inch of his cock down my throat! I couldn’t breathe at this point, but I would let him fuck my throat for about 20 or 30 seconds at a time then back off and work on the head of his cock or his balls for a bit. I could tell that he was getting ready to cum, so I held his cock deep down my throat, I could feel each pulse of his cock as he fired ropes of cum into my belly! He had his hands locked behind my head and my nose buried in his pubes, I had taken his whole cock down my throat! I almost blacked out before he let me come up for air! I continued to lick and suck his cock clean until he was completely soft. He then thanked me and we exchanged numbers. He said he would get in touch when he was passing through again. I told him that would be awesome, I would love to do it again. I think I am hooked though! I already placed a couple personal ads trying to find another big cock to suck!


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  • I keep coming across the situation more and more it's one thing to look at a big black cock on a video
    it's another thing to come face-to-face with it. I'm a white male seriously my whole family is obsessed with BBC
    my wife is cheating on me bbc
    my high school daughter is dating a football player every time she is here at the house with him you could literally see the huge outline through his sweatpants. giant monster of a man
    And my youngest obnoxious son who doesn't listen to anybody funny thing is my daughter's boyfriend snaps his fingers and he's on his knees mass
    aging his huge feet and all I do is watch interracial porn and fantasize about what elsel..l. ol🤦‍♀️

  • You are a fucking sword swallowing faggot who loves BBC in all his holes. That's fine just enjoy it while your still semi tight. Afterwards you will just be a sloppy fuck. Ask me how I know?

  • Admit it—this wasn’t your first time. No one can deep throat 11” of bbc without some prior practice.

  • Damm dude, did you fucking fail English and fail how to use paragraphs and run on sentences??

  • I'm no expert, but it sounds like you might have contracted a case of the gay.

  • So you are a dumb ass white boy who wants some Nigga cock. I hope a nigger fucks you so badly that you need surgery on your dumb asshole.

  • Fuck youz nigga bitches ho low rentz cracker boi

  • Why the hostility?

  • Nice story sounds like a great time. I must visit a truck stop and soon.

  • For being shaved so his package would look bigger, he sure grew a nappy patch of hair for you to have your nose in, minutes later.

  • I noticed this too

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