A little buzzed and Used on all fours

My husband began to give me a drink or two during foreplay to get me to loosen up and be less timid about my sexuality.

I been less shy about naughty talk during sex and trying out new things in bed.

The other night. I was on all fours getting pounded by my husband doggy style and i like this a lot but needed something different like more stimulation. I began to rub my clit and he said what do u feel like what so u need? I said a drink and something different surprise me. He looked at me and said let me bring u something. He brought me a drink he had some towels with him. Asked me if i still felt like some different. I said yes. He said get on all fours again and just enjoy it. He dimmed the lights and began to just rub his shaft on my ass and pussy and only teased me with only the head of his cock entering me a few times. That made me hornier and now more tipsy i was more vocal. He then asked are u ready to be used. I said yes just fuck me already my pussy needs to be filled. He began to run his fingers around my pussy i felt the tip barely touching my pussy and that made me more wet. He then said i think u r ready. Then gave me a slap on my left ass cheek and then i felt it that something i needed. He put the head and the shaft in me quick 3 or 4 times then pulled out and said im next. He had just fucked my pussy with a dildo we have and is very similar to his cock. I loved it !!. He then he pounded me with his cock a few times. And kept on switching and alternating with the dildo. He made me cum this way soo hard. I loved it. he has since introduce more dildos and makes me feel like the horny girl i like to be and its more exciting to him as well as i cum on him or on the dildos it makes for an exciting sexual play.

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  • I fucked my mom on all fours last night. I watched my cock going in and out of her pussy as the sides of her big swinging tits came into view constantly. I leaned forward enough to grab her tits in my hands as I continued to fuck her tight pussy. She's so tight because my dick is a lot bigger than my dads. I gave her long and hard

  • My mom and I fit together perfectly when we have sex. The end of my erection hits bottom in her, at the same time my pelvis is hitting against her clit. We couldn't be happier.

  • My mom came inside from tanning wearing her skimpy light green bikini. We got buzzed together and I couldn't stop looking at her tits. Then she went into her bedroom to brush her hair. I was so hard it hurt, so I lubed up my rock hard cock and went into my mother's bedroom.

  • My wife has a little green bikini. She has big tits and the top just covers her nipples. She likes wearing it when we go on vacation. Guys hit on her all the time. I sit back and enjoy the show. She normally does it to get me hot and bothered, but one time she actually let some guy eat her pussy while I watched.

  • That's hot dude!! I'd love to see your wife in her bikini. I would even pay to take a picture of her naked tits if I saw her in that bikini!!

  • My mom was in front of her mirror when I came up behind her. I pulled her bottoms down to the floor. "Kyle, what do you think you're doing," my mom shrieked. I didn't say a word just shoving my hard cock into my mom's pussy before she had time to react. "Kyle this is wrong, we can't be doing this, oh god this feels so good," my mom moaned out.

  • Being on all fours is so fantastic I love being submissive particularly when he takes me anally

  • My sister and I get high together. She's got a hot little body on her. Sometimes when we get buzzed she gets horny. We are usually in my room so we get naked and into my bed. We have incredible sex when we are high.

  • Only thing to make it better is if caught by mom and joined. mothers duty

  • My wife has a spit roast fantasy -- her college boyfriend and buddy dicked her that way. Call me old fashion but I just can't see that happening again. So with my handyman skills I rigged up a stick man Sticky with a big dildo, me and Sticky Spit Roast the fuck out of her. She says Sticky is almost as good a college boy -- but without the 'feel like a whore' later remorse. If there were 10 young ladies in a room and you had to pick the one who was Spit Roast 100 times, she'd be the last one you'd pick. She's really hot and all, but in a Fox News Girl way. I'm really convinced most college girls will do almost anything their boyfriends ask. As much as I kiss her ass on everything else -- that's not going to happen again.

  • I was with a woman like yours during college as well. We both would get a little carried away sometimes lol

  • Example, please?

  • The first time it happened was with my roomate. The second time it happened was with my roomate and my best friend with me underneath her as they spit roasted her. She loved to watch me with them too

  • If you were my wife I would give you to some convicts that just got out of prison . Let them have fun with you for a while.

  • I'd love to see my BBW wife used like this.

  • All thst flabby fat swinging about might put an eye out.

  • That was hot! You made me hard!

  • Try your cock in her ass and dildo in her pussy. She may enjoy it if she’s into anal. I was reading that is women’s number one fantasy having sex with two men.

  • This is fantastic. When it’s just the two of us, my husband will do this. I love feeling filled like that. Though sometimes I do still need a cock to suck to get off.

  • My wife used her toy on me once. Hottest night of my life

  • Well hello there fag boy in training. I have a nice cock for your asshole.

  • You have a nice cock for his ass and you call him a fag boy?

  • Yes I’ve been fucked by my wife. It the greatest orgasm. She used a strap on. Try it out.

  • Can I fuck yuh with my real cock while you fuck her??

  • I did that once! 3way with my bf and his friend, and his friend fucked my bf while my bf fucked me. He would thrust and my bf would press back against him then push in to me. It was amazing.

  • That does sound exciting to be the one in the middle. I wish I was confident enough to tell my wife as such. Being used like a fuck toy by man and woman sounds dreamy.

  • I wish I had the courage to tell my wife I have sucked a big cock.

  • Get some real cock next time

  • It did make me have more thoughts as to what a real one would be like in many ways, but I can't see it ever happening for real

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