A wife's fantasy

About 2 years ago my wife and I were in bed teasing each others body parts with our fingers tongues and mouth, we love to have hours of just fourplay before actually having sex, This particular night I was caught off guard as we were talking about what our fantasy was, I told her my fantasy but it didn't seem to arouse her and she said yes that's pretty typical with men so I asked her what was her fantasy but she didn't want to tell me, I had to make her extremely wet and then she starts out well it's just a fantasy but I do think about it from time to time.

Well baby I said tell me about it I want to enjoy your fantasy to as I sucked on her breast and fingered her in both open and wanting holes, then she say's I want to be fxxxing another man sitting on top of him backwards with you laying on top of his legs eating me out and pulling his penis out of me, and I want to watch you suck his penis and and then put his penis back inside my vagina and lick my clit and suck his penis again and again until I cannot cum any more and then I want to suck both of you for a while and then I want him to fxck you in the ass as I suck your penis until you fill my mouth with your hot cum, I want to feel your cock throbbing in my mouth as he is pounding you in the ass, This was not what I had expected my wife to say but it had her turned on a lot so I just played around with it feeding her with this one or that one maybe the guy you work with.

She asked if I would do it with her and I wanted to tease her a bit more so I said I don't know baby to begin with I don't know how serious you are about this, she replied I am very serious, Baby you really want to watch me suck another man's penis? Yes I do she replied and I want to watch him fxxk you in the ass, so teasingly I said ok baby I'll do it for you but it has to be with your son he's 19 and openly bisexual and always has party poppers and all the stuff to get through it comfortably I'll just need a few drinks and maybe some smoke and she said ok I'll set it up and we had our awesome sex like never before that night and nothing was ever said again about it.

It was on a Friday night my stepson, her son pulls up in the drive, now he lives out of town on his own and it was kinda late we were getting ready for bed, he stumbles to the door falling down the steps he said he was on his way to a party, my wife his mom says to him no not tonight you're not going anywhere except to bed.

Well it was a bit of an argument but my wife won, he finally agreed to stay the night and go to bed but when he came out of the bathroom he went and crashed in our bed fully dressed and completely knocked out.
My wife did a little swearing and some arm and hand movements I never seen before but we left him alone and we just talked about him being so waisted and driving for a while.

My wife is already in her night gown and ready for bed and I still got to get ready so we go into the bedroom and I start to undress to get ready myself,
My wife say's I need to get him undreesed and ready for bed and starts to pull off his shoes and sox then she pulls off his shirt and his belt, I was wondering what was she thinking was she going to pull off his pants? yes she is pulling his pants off and oh my god he is not wearing any under wear at all and his big penis just flopped over when she pulled them down, and she starts to laugh so I asked her what was so funny? she said I never knew he had such a big penis.

Come over here and look at it she say's I can see it from here you better come cover him up, No she say's you told me you would let me watch you suck it, Yeah I did I said but he's asleep he can't fxxk you like that, No she say's but I can sit on it backwards and fxxk him while he sleeps, yeah and what happens if he wakes up I asked, She said well I am sure his penis will feel so good he's not going to get mad about it.

She takes ahold of his penis and starts massaging it and stroking it slowly and softly and begging me to come suck it, after a while I walked over and took a hold to it and was feeling of it and softly jerking it he was so out of it it still has'nt got hard yet, she keeps trying to get me to suck his penis and I got to admit I was turned on playing with his penis so I leaned over and put it in my mouth and my wife was so turned on I was getting into it, she would say go deeper, go all the way down on it so I started sucking it like I would want mine sucked and he got so rock hard he had to of been atleast 9 inches long and over 3 fingers thick my wife took ahold of his hard cock and started stroking it while I sucked it then she takes her gown off and sits on his cock and I'm really getting off watching my wife fxxking her son.

Lay on his legs and suck his cock my wife tells me, so got up on the bed and pulled his cock out of her vagina and sucked his cock and I was really liking this I wanted to suck his hard throbbing cock all night but I put it back in my wife's vagina but I couldn't wait till she told me again to suck his cock, my wife and I had a hell of a time that night but because he was out and unable I didn't get fxxked in the ass, but I did get to experience sucking his cock and swallowing his cum and I like it I want to suck him off again, soon.

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