My cousin is a 19 year old model and she’s hot as fuck. I’m a 21 year old black guy and I constantly think about Dicking her down and she always likes to cuddle every time we hang out. Nothing has happened between us but she is so sexy. I have a huge feet and ass fetish and both her feet and ass are hot as fuck. Sometimes her feet smell so bad when she comes over I can smell them soon as she takes her shoes off. We have a great relationship as cousins so I’d never wanna ruin that or make anything weird but it is one of my deepest fantasies though I know nothing will ever actually happen.

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  • I have a cousin who I often fantasized about but never acted on it. When I was in my 30's I spent the night at her place and in the early morning I woke up to her sucking my cock, it was awesome. After a few minutes she lifted her night-shirt, straddled me and planted herself on my cock. I took her melons in my hands and enjoyed the ride. After she came she took me into her mouth again and sucked me dry. Neither of us said anything and she went back to her bed. I don't see her often but when I do I get a hard-on just thinking about her cock-sucking expertise.

  • Why do you think you would ruin your relationship with your cousin? She might feel the same way about you. Don't assume anything,

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