Hubby had small one

My name is Diane. I am forty two years old and married. I recently discovered that my husband visited a nude male spa, where nude massages were available by nude masseurs. When I questioned him, he first denied ever going there, but he eventually admitted going there, saying he was just curious.

Needless to say, I felt hurt and betrayed. To overcome this, I suggested to him my desire for revenge. He agreed and gave me permission to get even any way I choose. My husband has a very small penis and sex with him has always been disappointing.

We have a neighbor who is single. He is a nice looking young black guy. He flirts with me a lot. One morning I was walking to my car leaving for work. I was wearing heels, nylons, and a short skirt. He said to me, "good morning neighbor, you sure look HOT!!" That evening I told my husband what our neighbor Eric said. He seemed to be angry and jelous.

I told him what I wanted to do for my revenge, which is to invite Eric to come over and get "high" with us. I would be wearing heels, thigh hi nylons, garter belt (no panties) and a short skimpy red dress.

Eric knocked, I opened the door and there stood Eric wearing a white tank top and a pair of very short tight jean shorts. He looked very sexy!! I told him of my intentions, that I was seeking revenge because my husband Robert got a nude massage by a nude male masseur.

Eric had a gigantic black cock. He asked me what I thought about his big black cock. I told Robert to remove all his clothes, and as he stood there totally nude, I said to Eric, "look at Robert's tiny white penis, that is why your black cock looks so exciting".

Eric fucking me hard with his huge hard black cock was unbelievable. Not only the best revenge sex, but the most fulfilling, erotic sex EVER!!

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  • Last month I got my first black cock. God this 16 year old neighbors son is hung like a horse.
    He is now coming over to our house within 15 minutes after my husband goes to work and soon after he's making love to me in our bed for the next 5 hours he's ball deep in me giving me what I crave the most A big beautiful cock in all three holes.
    A months ago was the first time I saw him having his cock out taking a pee in his back yard and he saw me watching and he knew exactly what I said by reading my lips, all I said was wow and starred at him, I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he walked towards me still having his cock out and when he got to me I started to turn and walk away but he turned me around telling me to take hold of him and feel it in my hands. I did and he became hard me holding onto him sank to my knees and started to give him a BJ and all the time he was telling me I bet you'd love having my cock in your I bet tight pussy, I looked up at him into his eyes and told him YES. GOD YES. he told me to stop plenty of time for that asked where my husband was and I told him at work and he led me into our house and proceeded to remove my clothes and I his.

  • God before me was this young man a tall muscular boy 16 years of age and I 23 married to my loving husband and here I was going to get laid by this young man for he has the first black cock I am about to let him ravish me.
    He kissed me and I him back and his hands roamed all over me touching places only I have before and he knew exactly what to do and when to do it and the first time he slid into me was right there on the kitchen floor. Then the living room then my bed room and there we stayed for the next five hours and the time my husband was to get home came closer and closer and I kept telling him he had to go for Ken would be home soon and he didn't care for he was having nothing to do with him and then I told him he could come over any time he wanted and have me any time he wanted he raised up looked me in my eyes and gave me a kiss and told me that's what he wanted to hear.
    That evening he showed up and took me again in the kitchen as my husband was asleep in his recliner in front of the TV. He told me he couldn't sleep till he found out I was serious when I said any time I kissed him and told him when my husband isn't home he told me any time meant any time as he slid deeper into me picking me up on his cock buried deep in me he carried me out to the back yard and layed me down on the chaise lounger and proceed to give me another good fucking making me cum on him over and over but when he shot his load into me I went crazy.

  • Shouldn't you have made a move years ago taking revenge on his lack of size?

  • I think your telling fibes Darling

  • Big freakin deal he got a massage by a naked woman. The question I have is why he felt he needed to lie and deny? That lands in your lap why he felt scared to tell you. Now you are taking license to wild out and get your freak on. Why don't you two just get on the same page where your at in life and be a happy couple?

  • No, he got a massage from a naked MAN. Even less of a big deal unless they had sex of some kind... and then why would you want him to see how well hung the neighbour is? He will be going over for some black dick himself next.

  • .....(bullshit)

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