Is it wrong?

I'm listening to my mother have some pretty rough sex with her fiance... At first I was disgusted but then I got all hot and bothered and began playing with my breasts... As it got more intense with them I got more intense... To the point I was slamming three fingers into my pussy and covering my mouth as to not make noise.... Is it bad that I did that given it was people I know and they didn't know? The walls are so thin I couldn't help but hear.... Was it wrong to lo listen in and fuck myself to it?

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  • Is it wrong to visions of others lives and wonder if they are all gonna fall down as you see? i mean i worry about what i see? its like i am another person. joyce will fall over soon and be in a wheelchair and have to sell out soon.

  • Totally normal. I used to listen to my hot sister's bf's pounding the hell out of her, either in bed, on the couch, and once..The kitchen countertop. I'd messed around with her, too, but, there was something about hearing other guys have at her, and, her heavy breathing and shrieks, that really got me going.

    We had a house party one year, and she was in our finished basement, getting plowed by a guy on the chair and ottoman. I hid in the laundry room, taking it all in, sights (that I could see through the door slats) and sounds. This guy had her so rough the chair was knocking against the wall. I admit, had to rub one out myself that time.

  • My roommate when I was a young man had a very very large cock, I would always listen to him threw the bedroom wall when he would bring home a girl to have sex with. I would pretend to not be home and wait in my bedroom , I would masturbate to the sound of the girls taking a huge cock. The noises that they make being stretched out and stuffed full of cock is fantastic to hear. I got off when I got to hear a girl who I knew take that big cock, or a girls first time taken a big cock was good. I still masturbate and can still hear the sounds in my head

  • It is normal, I use to jerk off listening to my parents

  • You may have an audio fetish. Experiment a bit by searching for sex audio online. If it turns you on then it's a kink for you

  • You overheard sex sounds and got turned on and masturbated. I think that sounds pretty normal to me.

  • Its normal... chances are, you are subconsciously atracted to your moms fiance - just by genetic chemistry. and also, your mom is a dominant figure for you, and to see or hear her being submissive is a natural turn on.

  • No it's just natural to feel that way, how old you?

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