Sick and tired!

I'm fed up with my wife making fun of my dick. She knows how sensitive I am but she makes fun of me anyway. She has even told a few of her closest friends that I have a little cock. She calls me pee wee and I hate it. I was coming out of the shower and she quickly snapped a picture and a bit of video of me drying off then she ran giggling off while probably sharing it with God knows who. I'm tired of being treated like this. We were messing around a bit and she was holding me in her hand. I asked if she would maybe feel like doing something. She said what a blow job? Your cock doesn't deserve one. I said well why not. She told me that I needed to grow about two or more inches and then I could have one. She knew how big I was when she married me but now she just makes fun of me any chance she gets. It's not fair. Not my fault my cock is small. I love her still but don't appreciate being treated like this. I want it to be like before when we first got married. I want to make love to her. She said she would let me if I agreed to walking in naked the next time she has her friends over for lunch. No way could I ever do such a thing. Just the other evening when we went to bed I was trying to snuggle up with her. She told me to forget about it. I told her I needed to make love to her. She said the best she could do would to let me hump her naked ass with my little pee wee. I was so desperate that I said ok and I ended up coming all over her ass which she made me get up and get a rag and wipe it off. She told me I should find a woman who has never had a big cock before and then pray they won't either. I aske if that means she is saying she's had a big cock. She just laughed and rolled over. My feelings are really hurt and I feel so sad. Sometimes I think I should just get it over with and kill myself. Maybe no woman would want or appreciate me.

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  • She's probably circulated pics of your little dick to all of her friends. Girls do this, because I have friends who have shown me their guys's little cocks. We laugh like crazy and love sharing. It's always a good day when a girl brings in new pics.

  • Thank you for reminding me. She has already done this. Know when one of her friend comes over they smile and giggle. This is so humiliating. It's not in the least bit funny. She shouldn't be doing it. I don't talk about her body to my buddies or talk about our sex life. She frequently points out men who are well endowed. Like when we go to the gym and workout or swim. She see them in their wet bathing suits and says how come your cock isn't big like that. She has killed my self esteem. I have none.

  • You guys have given me the power to get a pair as you say. Tonight I'm going to strip her naked and then stick my little cock in her mouth and make her eat a load of my cum. Maybe I will tie her up and have fun with her big pussy. Fist fuck her cunt and asshole.

  • Dude, get an implant, it’ll change your life...then you can make videos of yourself fucking other women and send them to her.

  • I wish I would love to do that and tease that fucking bitch.

  • Sorry you have such a tiny little cock man.

  • I'm sick and tired of having to fuck your wife to make her happy. So grow a pair of big hairy balls like me.

  • Yeah well then stop fucking her. Like that will happen.

  • Man-up, pee wee or just take estrogen and get it over with. You're pathetic to let her treat you like that.

  • Thank's a lot I mean really I guess I should slit my wrist and die.

  • Your dick isn't your problem, at all ! It's your BALLS ! For fucks sake, grow a pair, tell her to see about getting several stitches in that canyon she calls a pussy, then, assfuck her silly, and throw her shit in the yard !

  • Be proud of your minute dicklet, let your wife get a decent well hung guy so she can enjoy a good fuck

  • She should put you in a cock cage but it would slip out

  • She bought one of those things and I refuse to wear it.

  • It is just the size of your dick, man, and you cannot change it

    Your wife sounds cruel.

    Good luck to you.

  • Thank you people are so cruel every where. I can't even work out and shower at the gym without seeing and hearing snickers.

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