I'm sickened by what I saw!

I have been working long hours and then was out of town for two weeks. I came home a day early and I figured I would surprise the wife. I was trying to be really quiet as I went up to our bedroom. Then I heard noises of my wife moaning out very pleasurably sounding. My heart was in my throat as I slowly opened the bedroom door. There she was totally naked with legs spread wide open using this huge 13" thick coal black live like cock and balls. I was shocked she was actually taking almost all of it in her. Then she saw me. She just continued using the dildo. I got naked and laid down beside her. She told me to use the fucking thing on her. Told me to fuck her good with the monster black cock. I began to fuck her with it. First slowly then she told me to speed up.

I began to fuck her faster. I asked her if she wanted a huge black cock and she said yes. I pulled it out of her and then I mounted her up. Jesus her pussy felt lose after that. My cock is not near as thick or long as her toy. She told me to fuck her good and fill her pussy. It took me darn near an hour. I think cause I couldn't feel her as well. The stupid dildo stretched her all out of shape for my dick. I eventually did come and filled her up. When we were laying in bed I asked if she meant what she said about wanting a huge black cock. She said yes she wouldn't trying one once. Then she said any huge cock just once and she pushed my face away. What does all this mean? Is my wife longing for a big huge cock? A big black cock? Or just messing with me I'm not sure? She hasn't ever said I wasn't enough. I'm just not sure.

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  • My wife just told me she is now fucking a black guy she works with. They did it during lunch in the back of our mini van. My wife sucked his huge cock and then he fucked her and filled her full of his black baby juice. Oh God I hope she doesn't get pregnant. How could I explain that to my friends and parents.

  • Um....she's interested in having sex with black men. It's a sexual curiosity of hers. Don't worry, we've had the same conversation after the same experience when I caught my wife.

  • She told you the truth. don't be surprised if you come home and some guy is on top of her fucking the shit out of her. I suspect she will not even notice you in the room and when she finally does notice you she will not care, probably tell you to get out or sit in the corner and shut up.

  • Send her my way. I'll bang the fucking shit out of dat pussy so hard. Fill her full of my baby juice. Then she will only want mys big huge cock only. I bet you would cry like a bitch seeing my cocks in her holes. They call me horse by the ways. Cause I's is hung like a horse. I make women satisfied and husbands cry.

  • In your fucking dreams. Typical bullshit about some brotha being hung fuckin some dudes wife cause he big. Race don't have nothing to do with how big someone dick is. Only fuckin retarded half brained dipshits like you believe that.

  • It be trues you dick brain. Black mens be hung like a fucking horses. You problys have a tiny little pathedic white pecker between your chiken legs don't you. Dunb ass white people I swear. Go fuck off asshole. Yeah you mother fuck face.

  • Sounds like you'll have to start fucking your wife in the ass since her pussy is going to be loose and worthless from now on. Make her promise to save her ass for you. Say you don't want to have to strap boards to your ass so you don't fall into her canyon pussy.

  • Your wife wants a real, big cock, and now that she's told you if you don't help her find one, then she'll find one herself. It may only be a one-time thing, but my experience is that most women really like the feel of a cock that stretches their cunt and ploughs deep into places they've never felt one before. Also, before she gets this special fucking, you might want to stuff that dildo into her then get your cock into her along-side of it.

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