Ex reconnected and confessed

So an ex live in girlfriend just contacted me after both of us having moved on for 12 years. We've both remarried. So the first two calls were typical small talk. The third call she dropped the bomb that during our ten year she had an affair with one of my friends that lasted 4 years. She proceeds to tell me intimate details of how it started and how they would meet up for sex. She said the affair ended the same time we separated. Not really sure why she is confessing? I'm still friends with the guy and now wonder if he has bedded my current wife?

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  • I guess he wasn't your friend, was he ?

  • My ex and I split nicely 40 years ago. We fucked like bunnies all through college. Got married just after. Both good jobs. after 2 years the 3x a day sex was gone. I got transferred, she didn't want to relocate. get divorced-- We'd do vacations a couple of years. Aug it was 35 years since last saw her and I see her at the reunion. We're both married and divorced again. We have our own reunion. After we're done fucking she says for years I felt guilty, I want to confess. We were married 6 months when she went on a long planned 2 week hike with her GF Sally on the AT. The first night they are scared as fuck. The next day they hook up with these 2 guys -- they feel safe now. At night they stay at a lean-to, things get too chummy -- they want sex. Rather than risk losing them she puts out for both of them. "Fucking Sally won't -- so did I both...other than felling guilty and fucking Sally being judgmental. the sex was great -- these guys are fit.
    For the next 10 night they fuck me every which way. They spit roast me even -- took nude pictures... I got used to being their whore and loved it"
    "so now you know and I'm so sorry."
    I tell her she shouldn't feel guilty after we divorced. You can go to Heaven now. (Whore section.. LOL)

  • A similar thing happened to me with an ex gf a few years ago. Everything was great in our relationship and then one day she announced she was moving and it was best if we just broke up. I really was devastated. I wasn’t thinking about marrying her at the time but she was great. She literally cut off all ties with me. No social media, nothing. Last year I ran into her at the store. She was home visiting her parents. I now know why she dumped me and left town. With her she had an almost 2 year old child. I asked her about the kid and she confessed that she was having an affair while we were together and ended up getting pregnant. She wanted to keep it and the guy got a job in another town so she left.

  • Yeah no kidding, I’d look into that?
    She must be on her 9th step or whichever step it is.

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