Full bra

There is nothing I enjoy more than a large breasted woman. Nothing makes me excited like a full bra. One of my old girlfriends (who given the chance I would pound her til I broke her hips) wore a matching green and black bra and panty set and I couldn't decide whether to leave them on her or tear them off her. A nice pair of fat round breasts do wonders for me, and getting to play with and suck on them does more for me than sex does.

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  • I have huge natural tits with a diameter of 3 inches for my areolas. if you want to play with them leave me your snapchat info and maybe we can meet up

  • I like wearing full bras. They look knockout especially colourful satin. I don't wear white tops much because they make my breasts look too huge. I don't want people staring. Taking full bras off is really funny because they look so huge like you could carry a pair of footballs in them. They do look nice especially when the cup is shaped well.

  • I could suck on a big pair of tits all day. I love being smothered by them too.

  • My mother has this one tan colored bra. she is always nipping out but with this bra I can see her round areolas too. her tits are not huge but they are nice size and round and firm. when she wears this bra I get so horny I want to fuck my mother. I do jerk off thinking of her tits.

  • Tell me more about your sexy mom have you seen her naked

  • I have only seen her totally naked briefly a couple of times. I do catch views of her nice tits when she isn't wearing a bra. She looks great in a bikini too. She has a nice ass.

  • Why don't you try to fuck your mother??

  • Believe me I've thought about it. I'm going to start letting her see my dick first.

  • I love open cupped shelf bras. They hold up tits nicely with complete access to her areolas and nipples.

  • Business contact and friend only wore half-bras, and had a perfect, statuesque body and big, full tits. When she wore her thin, white, almost see-through button-down shirt, all guy's eyes went right to her bulging tits in that half-bra. Could actually see her tits move when she breathed or laughed, the near-full bouncing. She knew, too. We joked about it one day while on the road making marketing stops. She told me she loved the half-bras, when she wore any, and, oh, I've seen you looking at my boobs many times. She didn't mind.

  • When I was in high school I didn’t know about that stuff, but I knew I wanted to have sex with a friend of mine. I went to Fredericks of Hollywood and bought a set off the rack. When I got it home I realized it was a half bra and complete g string. I was so embarrassed. But I put it on and went to my friends house. I was sitting on his lap, and he reached up my top and felt my nipples and I convulsed a little. When I finally stood up, I had left a huge wet spot on his lap. I wanted to DIE. But he pulled me back, and we ended up fucking

  • If you were sitting on my lap in that out fit, my cock would be out and inside your pussy in no time.

  • You sound like my boyfriend... right before he discovered breastfeeding bras.

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