Wife's ex

Long before I even met and dated my wife, I had a six months long gay affair with a guy who just loved to fuck my asshole all ends up.
He literally couldn't get enough of fucking my mouth and asshole, and would often leave his home for work early, just so he could call by and fuck me.
I was single then and loved the feel of his huge cock up my ass.
Things broke off when his wife, he told me, found texts we'd sent to each other about arranging for sex.
Two years later I met this amazing slightly older woman and we hit it off. Only six months after that we got married and I couldn't have been happier, then.
Then out of the blue, twelve months ago, she decides she's taking a break from sex and concentrating on giving her life to Jesus.
I was fine for a while, but when I went to just cuddle her one night, she brushed me off and told me it was a year long sabbatical.
Pissed off, I went out and hit a few bars. Feeling totally unwanted, I ended up in a guys truck sucking on his dick until he blew in my mouth.
The following week I did the same, only the guy I'd sucked off the previous week wanted to fuck me. I'd promised myself and my wife that I would be faithful to our marriage, yet the temptation was so strong I relented and it was so good to feel a guys condom covered cock fucking my asshole again.
A few weeks later feeling guilty still, I was in the showers of my local gym. I heard a familiar voice and turned to see my old lover.
By then I knew who he was, but he didn't know I'd married his ex wife, or that's what I thought. He came over to me with his gorgeous cock hanging between his legs and asked me how I was doing. Not able to resist, I gripped his flaccid cock and we began to make out, kissing and stroking each others cocks.
In those public showers, I went down on him, sucking on his hardening cock for such a long time, then trusting his comment about being safe, I let him slide that once familiar cock up my asshole bareback after standing up.
He fucked me like we'd never stopped seeing each other and throughout I wanted to tell him who I was with. However the sex was so amazing, I stalled and let him carry on fucking me.
He came up my asshole first, then as he withdrew, I got that all too familiar feeling and came all over the shower floor.
Sat in the gyms small cafe after getting dried off and dressed, we chatted about this and that. We arranged to meet up again, but before we parted I told him who my wife was. He smiled down at me and said "I know. It's your turn to be in Jesus's shadow".
Five days after our gym shower fuck, I phoned in work and took the day off. I drove out of town and into the city. Parking up around the time I should have been getting into work, I rang his door bell and was welcomed inside his apartment with an urgent passionate kiss. Within a few minutes I was naked and sucking on his beautiful manhood. Lay on his massive couch, we swapped blow jobs, then over the next couple of hours we sucked and fucked until my asshole was literally dripping with his cum loads.
We had lunch, then fucked again in his bed. Slept a little and had sex some more with him rimming me for such a long time. Before I left to drive home happier than I could ever remember being, we lay together on his fire side rug kissing and caressing each others naked bodies.
And so it became for months. I fell for him in a big way and to this day we see each other a lot. My wife's sabbatical lasted longer than she said and we no longer sleep together.
In a month or so from now, my wife can give herself completely to the church she so often visits. My church will be with a man who I love, and my worship will be for his manhood and the wonderful way he makes me feel when he fucks my mouth and asshole.

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  • The bible clearly states you are not to deny your partner sex unless its mutually decided by both for her stated reason. That said, this married man is a bit jealous.

  • Nice! Enjoy that time being fucked by a friend.

  • Good story ! I too think Jesus is over-rated.

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