Getting it all the time

My wife never slimmed back down after we had two kids and then she complains all the time that she is over weight. She is but I always tell her that I love her and it is just part of having kids but last year I began thinking about it. I thought if I started asking and pushing for sex from her all the time it would make her feel even more desired sexually.
I started getting a blow job from her anytime the opportunity was there, I would wake up in the morning, roll over with my hard on and put it right in her sleeping mouth sometimes. She wakes up sucking cock and always takes it, I pick a few days during the week and come home at lunch, I walk thru the door and drop my pants or strip her down and make love to her. I tell her in the morning that I will be home for lunch and most of the time when I come in she is already naked.
I figured this would get her feeling better about herself but no luck, she has not lost a pound and really seems to enjoy it. The other day when I got home at lunch time she was in the bedroom kneeling on the floor waiting to suck me. she still had on her panties and told me she started her period this morning so making love was out but knew I would love a blow job.
I am enjoying the hell out of this but my plan for her to lose weight has not worked so I am not sure what to do next.

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  • Just keep enjoying what you're getting!

  • Dude, you're making her feel sexy the way she is. She's not going to lose the weight. But if you ignore her, she's going to feel like shit and get fatter. So just enjoy the sex and the extra lbs she's got going on. It's your new normal.

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