Mom gets lonely

My dad is in the Navy and spends a lot of time away from home. He has currently been deployed over seas for the past four months, and I know my mom gets very lonely. Mom is 34 years old, and very pretty lady, for her age. I know she has a lot of men hitting on her while dad's away, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't cheated with anyone yet. I am her oldest son, and have a younger brother who just turned 13.
Last friday night, my brother was staying over at a friends house, so mom and I were just hanging out watching TV together. I was quite surprised when she went into the kitchen and came out with two beers in her hands. She asked if I wanted one and of course I told her yes. She had never let me drink alcohol before, so I asked her what was the occasion, and she said she just really missed my dad and felt like drinking a beer with someone. We watched a couple of movies over the next few hours, and drank quite a few beers. I had never really drank more than a couple of beers before, so I was really drunk, and my mom was pretty drunk too.
After the last movie was over, I stood up to go into the bathroom and fell flat on my ass. Mom laughed and asked if I was okay. Then she helped me get up and she helped me walk to the bathroom. She led me to the toilet, and I was having trouble standing up, so she said she would help me piss. She stood behind me to help me stand up, then reached down and unbuttoned my pants. It felt strange to have someone hold my dick for me, as I was still a virgin. My cock started to become erect as mom held it, then she said that if it gets hard I won't be able to pee. I had to piss really bad, and was able to piss with my cock about half hard, and as soon as I finished peeing, I became rock hard. Mom still had a firm grip on my cock, and gently squeezed my throbbing dick and said that she couldn't believe how big her little boy's cock was. She then turned me around, facing her, and smiled at me. She asked me if she had anything that I wanted to see, as she noticed I was looking down the top of her loose fitting shirt. I smiled and nodded my head yes, as she reached down and unbuttoned her shirt. She had the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen. She said that I could touch them if I wanted, so I reached out and put my hands on them and started caressing them and playing with her nipples. She then pulled my head into her chest and guided her erect nipple into my mouth. She said it's been 14 years since I sucked on mommys titties, and she missed it.
Mom then led me out of the bathroom, and asked me if I would like to sleep in mommy's bed tonight. Naturally, I said yes, and she guided me into her bedroom. She sat me down on her bed and helped me undress. I then watched in disbelief as my mother undressed in front of me. I had never even seen my mom in underwear, let alone fully naked. She had a really sexy body and a beautiful round little ass and very perky tits. I told mom that she was beautiful and she smiled and said thank-you. Then she pushed me back down onto the bed and clibed on top of me. She then looked me straight in the eyes and told me that she loves my dad with all her heart and would never want to hurt him, and that she would never do this with anyone but me. Then she said that she should not be doing this, and that she will stop if I want her to. I told her I wanted her to make love to me.
My mom took my virginity, and taught me things I had never dreamed of. I came twice inside of her that first night together, then twice the next day, before my brother came home. Next weekend, my bother will be gone again, so I am looking forward to making love to my beautiful mother again, she says she has lots more fun things to teach me.

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  • Lucky you.Incest is the best option your mom chose over infidelity-which would have exposed her to getting abused,gang raped( by a single lover who gets a vicarious pleasure by getting other men to have sex with her and then videorecording it to blackmail and eventually ruin her.Infections and extortion are other risks.
    All those adverse posdibilities are now irrelevant.Enjoy her and yet respect her and also ask her how she can be made happier--using various techniques and not just looking after your satisfaction.
    Keep it between the two of you.

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