Holiday work

We travel over there once a month so I can work on his beautiful villa.
It's a free small holiday for my wife and I. And her uncle, Tom, gets me to build, plumb, electrics, plaster etc.
My wife also enjoys having a drink. In fact she drinks a lot and more often than not is drunk by tea time after drinking by the pool I help built, all day.
When she crashes out on the pool loungers or we put her to bed, Tom will always signal me to follow him to the roof balcony, the back garden/pool area, or his bedroom.
Wherever we go I end up sucking on his huge cock, before he fucks me like a Jack hammer.
It began when we were building a rear porch, he slipped and hurt his ankle. My wife was asleep inside on the couch and I tried to wake her. She wouldn't wake up, drunk from her wine, so I attended to her uncle.
Putting a cold cloth on his ankle, I couldn't help but see his cock poking out of the leg of his shorts. He didn't try to hide it and he even began to stroke it through the material.
It got big, real big and half of it was showing and throbbing.
Tom asked me if I'd soothe his cock too. So I went to put the cold cloth on his erection.
He smiled, then told me "No, with your mouth".
He hadn't hurt his ankle at all. It was all for me to see his cock, and for him to gauge if I was as he thought, bisexual.
This belief came from a previous visit, when we chatted about our previous relationships. I already knew he liked men and he told me he'd fucked many many guys in his time.
I'd tried to hide my past up until that moment. Not out of fear, but only to move towards a decision I'd made marrying his niece. That was to cease having occasional sex with older men.
I eventually told him about some of the men I'd sucked off, but left out I'd also been fucked by a couple of them.
Putting his hand to the back of my head, Tom pressed me down and I instinctively took the head of his cock into my mouth.
It was the beginning of our very sexual relationship.
Sucking on his impressive cock that early evening, he quickly needed to move so I could suck all of his dick.
We walked around his villa, to a seating area at the side. It faced the mountains, yet was only feet away from where my wife slept off her wine.
Dropping his shorts completely, I got to see his massive cock for the first time and I was totally transfixed by it.
He had me sit by him and I didn't need a second invitation. Sucking on his cock brought back all those times I'd sucked off strangers, and some friends alike.
Tom moaned a lot and I had to stop to remind him about his niece. He smiled down at me and said "Who always gets her her last drink".
Tom had been putting half a sleeping pill in her wine and I hadn't noticed.
Pushing his cock into my mouth again, he told me he was going to fuck me. He kept on talking as he fucked my mouth, and I just knew I was going to allow him to drive his cock up my arsehole.
To Tom I was always going to give up my mouth and arse to him. He's since told me he knew I liked guys from the first time we met. He said he once caught me staring at his cock bulge as we tried out the pool for the first time. I remember it and he's right. I was wondering at the time if he'd ever risk fucking his nieces husband.
Well I had the answer as he pushed me so I was kneeling on the bench seat. As I looked over into the nearby mountains, I felt Tom's cock push past my sphincter muscles. It had been so long, it hurt. Yet I gritted my teeth knowing I would feel that amazing feeling of pure electric sexual joy when being fucked hard.
Some men enjoy sucking cock. Some men enjoy love making. Tom is a man who likes to fuck. I knew that from the moment he had me first suck his cock in his shorts.
I also knew he would take his enjoyment first and if I got pleasure, then all would be good. But my enjoyment wasn't what fuelled his fucking of my arsehole that day. It was him taking and breaking my fuckhole. Him asserting his Alpha male status and cumming deep within my body to claim my self as his.
I didn't cum, but Tom most definitely did. The fuck wasn't long, maybe five to ten minutes tops. But it was long enough for me to understand he was dominating me and just as he came up my bum, I'd begun to enjoy those overwhelming sensations again.
Making me sit down on his bench with his cum leaking out of me, Tom lowered his head and sucked in my cock. I lasted only a minute or so before blowing my load into his mouth.
He spat it out, told me to clean up, then said "If she's still asleep, join me in the shower.
We risked it as my wife was snoring gently. Tom fucked me again stood up as I leaned against the wall. It was still furious, yet he fucked me with longer deeper strokes.
I didn't need his mouth this time, as I came shuddering under the water spray.
Tom filled my arsehole again, only when he came up my fuckhole, he slipped two fingers up my arse and scooped out his cum. Holding his fingers to my mouth, he had me lick and suck them clean.
Turning me about, my wife's uncle kissed me and then told me "Only I fuck you. Got it".
So every month since we've taken the quick flight over to his home and wait until my wife falls asleep.
Recently he's also made the trip over here too, fucking me each time he's stayed. It's only an hours flight and Tom's business means he's free to travel when he wants.
It's that business he's offered me a job role within. And his niece has pleaded with me to say yes.

1.5 years ago

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    • Take the job! You seem to be smart for work and also like him to f..k you.

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