Married men

Given what I know over the past nine months, there should be many many more married men confessing on sites like this.

Just over nine months ago I went out with my then boyfriend. During the night he noticed a married guy (White ring band mark) eyeing up my ass and told me. My boyfriend had shared my ass a couple of times with older men and that night was the same.

It was a great night and I really got into being fucked by both of them. But my boyfriend got a little jealous as I ended up really wanting the older mans larger cock up my cute boy ass.

The following week my boyfriend got all hissy with me over the phone telling me I shouldn't go out without him, so obviously I went out on my own. In a different bar I was attracted to another older man who hit on me as I ordered a drink.

We ended up at motel, where taking precautions, he fucked me until the early hours. By the time he was balls deep up my asshole, I knew he was married and I also knew he had kids too.

It got me thinking. Just how many married men were out there fucking young guys like me. My boyfriend was away at the time working, so he didn't know I'd been out all night fucking.

He did know however when a couple of weeks later I began chatting to this gorgeous guy at the gym I attend. My boyfriend caught me swapping numbers with him, and went into another hissy fit. That was it, we split up.
Single, I text the guy two days later and he told me he was married, but liked fucking younger guys. We arranged for him to visit my apartment after I finished work, and I spent a whole evening having the most amazing sex.

When he left around midnight, not long after fucking me again, I began to think again about how many married men fuck gay and bisexual dudes.

I didn't sleep with anyone for nearly a month then, but sat on the train back from work one evening, I saw a guy I'd often seen on the train.

I'd seen his marital band, yet I somehow knew he was interested in me sexually. I made my mind up, I was going to try and see if another married man would fuck me.

Sitting next to him, he didn't ask me why. Nor did he stop me from putting my hand on his cock bulge. After getting off at his stop, two stops from mine, we entered the washroom and into a stall. I sucked his dick, rolled a condom, something I always have with me and let him slide his cock up my ass. It was quick, it was intense and I came only seconds before he shot his load up my ass filling the condom.

That was four married men in a just over a month and a half.
Now I was on a kind of mission. And believe it or not, I found it relatively easy to pick out over the next couple of months, men who were married and looked at me in a 'I want to fuck you kind of way'.

The gym, work, the bars I like to go into and a park nearby, where lots of men walk about looking for sex.

In the park I made sure the only men I spoke to for sex, were married. And only then would I have fun with them. Not all of them wanted to fuck me, but everyone who I got chatting to wanted my lips around their cock.

Seven more men either had me suck them off, or fucked me in their or my home.

And so it has been for the past nine months.

In total including those who's cocks I've drained with my mouth, I've had sex with nearly thirty different married men.

It might not seem a lot to some, but each one has been married. Some have been awesome lovers and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Everyone who's fucked me has also been ok with safe sex too. If not, no cute boy ass for them.

So as I said earlier, there must be lots of men out there who should be on here confessing their gay fucks. I know as they've been fucking my twenty year old ass these past nine months.

Married men are just the best fucks............

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  • I don't care if my wife finds out anymore. If she would fuck me as often as I need this might not have happened. I'm a very sexual creature and have always been so. Just under the surface waiting to be let out.

  • Okay I fucking confess. I am a married man. Been married to the same woman for over 15 years. I am having multiple affairs. With both men and women. Yes I'm fucking Bi- Sexual and my wife doesn't know it. She is very conservative lady and would leave me if she knew what I have been doing. I had a brief affair with a nice woman who is older. She lives two street over from ours. Her husband died last year from cancer. I met her when I was out walking the pooch. She invited me in for a drink and as it was a warm afternoon I said sure why not. Before I knew it she was kissing me and I was liking it a lot so I kissed backed. Then just like out of some sleazy porn she dropped to her knees and took my cock out and started sucking it. Man she gave good head. I then bent her over the kitchen table and raised her short summer dress and yanked her panties down while lining up my rock hard missile into her very warm and wet hole. I began pumping vigorously and she was moaning so loudly the dog started to bark as I banged her sweet sexy ass. I rubbed the back of her legs and ass as I plowed her. Then I let out a very loud cry and the dog howled as I filled her full of my seed. She told me to keep going for a while so she could climax. So I kept on fucking her going as fast as I could and hard. She began to buck against me as she started to scream out in joyful agony of a good kind. Then I slowly withdrew my hard wet cock from her pussy and smack the top of her ass.

  • I have been fucking her at least once a week sometimes two when I take the dog for his walk. He knows my secret but he will not tell the wife. I wonder what he thinks of me though as just another horny dog. My other confession is that I went to a gay bar with a mutual friend. I found myself dancing and then sitting and talking with a guy who I just seemed attracted to. My friend said he thought he could tell that I might possible be hiding my feelings. I know now that he is right. I left the bar and found myself sitting in my car kissing the guy I had just met. It was like we were soul mates and knew each other. He unzipped my trousers and reached in and pulled my leaking cock out. His mouth around my penis felt so good. I ran my fingers through his sexy dark hair. He stopped just long enough for us to kiss again then he went back to sucking my cock. We ended up in the back seat of my suv. He slid my pants down and I kicked off my shoes. Then I was undoing his belt and then his trousers.

  • I reached in and grabbed his cock. It felt very good in my hand. He was thick and fairly long. I helped him out of his trousers and underwear. We both were now naked taking off each others shirts. I ran my fingers through his sexy thick dark chest hair while he ran his fingers through my pubic hair. Then back to sucking on my cock. We kissed some more and then I whispered those two numbers in his ear "69" and he smiled. We got into position and I marveled at his gorgeous sexy round ass. I ran my tongue over his sweet hole. He went back to sucking on me and then I started licking him. The next thing I knew his beautiful penis was in my mouth and I was going down on him. I was so enjoying his sexy body the feel of his skin against mine. Even more so than when I'm with my wife. Hard to believe but true. I was stroking his gorgeous cock and sucking on him hard. When suddenly I felt something pulsating through his member straight into my mouth. So much so the explosion choked me for just a second.

  • I licked up and swallowed every drop of his tasty yummy sweet semen. He continued working on my cock until I squirted my warm load down his throat. He said it was yummy though a tad bit salty. We kissed as we held each other and played with our cocks. I felt so warm and safe with him. I loved playing with his dick. We rested up a short time and I went down on him again. I guess I wanted to give him more oral. He rolled me over and then kissed and lick me. From my balls down to my asshole. He knew just what to do. Then he smacked my ass with his semi hard cock. I felt him trying to enter me. He kept pushing till his stiff member was deep inside of me and he began to pump. It felt really good and my cock was as limp as could be. He played with my limp cock and balls as he fucked me. I was now the woman as he plowed my man hole. Wow is all I can say. Then twenty minutes later he filled me full of his seed. I was finished like a worn out ole rag. I felt limp all over. His seed dripping from my rectum. I can still feel his cock in my ass hours later. I will be seeing him again at his apartment this weekend. I will never be the same.

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