I'm sleeping with my husband's boss

I don't really know how it started. Must have been the company's Christmas party. But one thing led to another and I met my husband's boss at a local hotel and we ended up making love for several hours. It was so wrong and I felt so good doing it. He is really a sexy hunk that all the ladies gravitate towards. My husband is just not that kind of man. He is a good provider for me and our two children. But sexually he's not very appetizing at all. Sometimes I wonder why I married him. Guess it was for the security an older man provides. But our love life has been lacking since our second child was born eight years ago. His boss put his hand on my leg while sitting next to me at the party. I knew this was going to be trouble and I didn't even tell him to stop. I rubbed his leg with my bare foot. So then he gave me his cell number and I have been messaging him for a while. He is also married but I don't think he is happy either. OMG! The sex was so outstanding and wonderful. His hands all over me and he even went down on me without me asking him. I gave him one hell of a blow job he soon won't forget. He has already planned our next time together while he keeps my husband buried deep in piles of work. I can hardly wait to see him again. He makes me feel like a real woman. Yeah I know some will say that I'm a bitch and a whore. I don't give a rats ass what others think or say. I'm enjoying being with a lover the way a person should.


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  • At my husbands holiday party, he left me alone while he spoke with the boys, and I started chatting with his boss, and he said his wife was enjoying the attention from all the other men. He confessed to me that he wanted to take the wife to the office to fuck and she turned him down. I asked him why the party was at the office and not out at a venue like it always was, he said to save money so he could hand out bigger bonuses. I thought that was sweet. We chatted some more, I asked if he wanted to show me his office, and the rejection hit hard. I think that’s what made me text him even more. We continued to flirt. But I texted him one night saying I was going out for ladies night, he responded with I hope you’re wearing the same dress as the party. I told him I was, he said too bad he’s working late and couldn’t see it on me again. The girls ended the night early (kids sick) so I asked if he needed anything, I could stop by to say hi, I was only a few minutes from the office. No response, so I showed up there anyways. He couldn’t stop staring, I told him to show me my husbands office, that’s wear I told him to fuck me and he did

  • Call my wife old fashion, she fucked her own boss and gave him blowjobs.

  • Sounds like your wife is smart lady. She and I would get along just fine. We'd fuck right in front of you and make fun of your tiny little pathetic pecker.

  • You fucking no good dirty low down slut whore you. Doing this behind your husband's back I hope he finds out and then he gets so horny he fucks you both in the asshole. I know I would.

  • Sure if he was a man he would LOL. But he ain't one. So suck my clit you wussie.

  • I hate to tell you....but you're not the only one that your boss is fucking. He prefers fucking several different pussy's, then he thinks of all of you when he's fucking his wife.

  • “I just don’t know how it started”?
    Usually these things start with a sex craved female sending sexual signs to a horny male and the male picks up on it and responds..
    Then the male doesn’t look at it as “making love” as much as he thinks he going to fuck the shit out of this horny women and Shazam you’re in a motel sucking his dick...

    It goes something like that, I’m pretty sure. It’s ok being with him the way a person should, at least until he’s over it and stops.

    No problem there though, the tables are full of legs to rub with your bare feet.


  • Yep my wife did the same fucking thing. She started fucking her boss working late night for several weeks. I found out when his wife came to me and told me that she went to the office to see what was up after she got an anonymous letter saying he was cheating. So his wife and I decided to get even and we fucked. First at his house in their bed and then at my house in our bed. I have to say that I love making love to her. She is better pussy and body than my wife. I told her to divorce him and I would marry her. I really love her and he doesn't deserve her. I say let him have my wife he can have the slut.

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