Harassed (I think)

I think I just got harassed at work. I'm 27f, married, work as a sales rep for a fairly large company. My boss is 39f, she's married but going through a divorce, and she's been dating a male coworker who is 40. We all know about their relationship. It's no secret.

My boss asked me if I'd be into having a threesome with her and our male coworker in her office. I was floored by the request, since she knows I'm married. I was really speechless. She then said, "Come on, it'll be fun, we both think you're hot and we'll make you the center of attention. You won't regret it." I said "Thanks, but no thanks" and went back to work.

A few days later my boss sent me a text with a pic of a cock inside a pussy with the message, "He feels really good. I'll share him with you. He'd love to meet you just like this." It was obviously her pussy with our coworker's cock inside her. I didn't respond. The next day she texted me again: "Did you get my last message? Did you like what you saw? Remember you have an eval coming up."

Now I'm worried that if I don't have sex with my boss and our male coworker that I'm going to get bad marks on my evaluation. My husband and I just bought a new house, so I need my job, so I'm thinking maybe I should bite the bullet and have sex with them. I mean, I like sex as much as anyone, and they are attractive, but shit I've been a faithful wife and crossing this line would be a major deal for me. If anyone has dealt with a similar situation, I could use some advice on how to handle this.


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  • Sounds like you'd do it if you were single, and a bit flattered.
    So ask hubby for a hall pass. Maybe asked he'd be included, check off 'Spit Roast' on your bucket list. My saintly wife was SP in college and loved it, would do it again with me and a trusted buddy.

  • You have the evidence on your phone, use it or fuck them, that's your two choices. If you're the faithful wife you say then the choice is obvious. If you're looking for advice, what you're really looking for is permission, so fuck them. But, that will likely become a long term relationship.

  • Any unwanted or unprovoked sexual overtures or attention is harassment. The fact that she is sending you unwanted pics or videos and linking demands for sex with you evaluation is as bona fide a case of sexual harassment as you can get. Depending on your state, you may be able to obtain a huge financial settlement, have them fired or disciplined, secure your current or future promotional positions for as long as you care to work there, or more. Ask yourself why are you working in the first place? Is it to get laid? No, it's to provide for your home and family. This could be a golden opportunity for you if you play it right. You need to do a couple of things here. Get the best lawyer specializing in workplace issues like this in your area and do it soon. Discuss this with him/her. You may have to report to your corporate counsel or HR department but talk to the lawyer first. Tell your husband if you have value your marriage to any degree. Time is of the essance get going. Most lawyers will converse by phone then clear their schedules to take on someone like you with such an iron clad case.

  • Original poster, can you keep us informed as to what you decided and what happened in the end? We would like to know.

  • No, no we wouldn't. It's obviously a made up story.

  • Tell to your boss that you rather become her foot worshiper , it could be a good compromise :D

  • Why are you not taking advantage of this golden opportunity. Fuck the shit out of both of them. Let him bend you over her desk. It will be fun. Don't be a stick in the mud.

  • If this was true, then save all the texts and pics, then sue the fuck out of the company. Seriously though, no one in this day and age is dumb enough to do that. Maybe a casual offer in person, away from the work place, but not in a text or email.

  • I agree cause once you get into their ring, you are theirs to control and will not be a once off but a regular accurance with new reasons why you must continue.

    Take the evidence and sue the company claiming that it's affected your mental state on mind (Mental Health is a area of great concern of late).

    You'll loose your job, but the payout should be enough to keep you on your feet until you find something else.

  • Agreed, people don't leave hard evidence like that. Not in today's world at least.

  • Ask your husband what he thinks you should do.

  • What your boss did is wrong. But your boss was also foolish enough to text it to you which means you have evidence. If have a private chat with your boss, telling her while you're flattered that she thinks you're attractive, you're not willing to cheat on your husband and you don't want to have a threesome with them. And if your boss attempts any form of retaliation (a bad evaluation, spreading rumors, etc), you will go straight to HR with those text messages and she'll be the one getting fired.

  • Bingo, bada bing bada boom! That takes care of that... except she’s really interested.

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