Cheating on my boyfriend

I am cheating on my boyfriend with one of his close friends. It just sort of happened out of the blue. I was out having a bite to eat at the food court at the town mall when we bumped into each other. We walked around shopping and talking and then we ended up kissing. We left the mall and he took me to his place where he lives with two other guys. Then we continued to kiss and touch. I ended up sucking his cock on the sofa a bit and then he carried me to the bedroom. It was just a single bed but we quickly took off each others clothes and the next thing I knew we were fucking like rabbits. The sex was super. His cock is a couple inches longer and fatter. Jesus it was great. I don't know what to do now. I kind of feel bad but I find myself wanting to fuck him again. I was on my way there but decided to not go and I turned around. I went home and used a dildo instead. Thinking about his sexy hard cock deep inside of me.

We are engaged but now I'm not sure about it. Life is too short isn't it? Well that's what they say don't they. What the hell am I going to do? I so want to fuck him again and soon. I'm supposed to go watch television with my boyfriend tonight and that always ends in us fucking around while his parents go out to dinner. If we do have sex I will thinking about Nick fucking me and not my boyfriend. Part of me would rather him catch us then have to continue with me faking it. Oh shit I hate this fucking shit. Fuck!

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  • Break up and fuck his friend on the low

  • You need to have Nick tell your boyfriend he is fucking you. Maybe he won't mind.

  • He might mind. I wouldn't though if my wife told me she was fucking Nick

  • Well his cock didn’t just jump up into your mouth on the couch!
    You sucked it because you wanted it! ( there’s a name for girls like that).
    So now the “right” thing to do is to tell your boyfriend what happened, except I’d leave out the fact you started by blowing his friend first..
    There’s no way you can marry the boyfriend now, not with all the ( I love his cock, it’s so big, I went back..etc) so that’s out!
    Doing the right thing will give you a chance to see if his friend wants you or just the (name we didn’t mention)...
    Good luck, you should choose the cock you want, if you want to be happy..

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