Working from home

Like everyone else I have been working from home the last couple months. My husband has been furloughed so he has plenty of time. I on the other hand do not, but everyday he comes into the office where I'm working and starts kissing my neck. Then he runs my back and cups my breasts from behind. It doesn't take long before I am excited, my clothes are off, and I'm bent over the desk with my husband behind me. It was exciting at first, but now it's getting distracting. Some days he comes in twice a day. I tell him no, but he puts on the cute little face and pours on the charm, next thing I know, I'm bent over the desk again.

We were having sex yesterday when my boss called. I told him he had to stop so I could talk to him. Here I am trying to have a serious conversation with my boss, meanwhile I'm naked bent over the desk with my husband inside me. He's still pumping me and I'm on the verge of orgasming. Good thing my boss had another call come in, otherwise I would have probably orgasmed in his ear. This lockdown needs to end so I can go back to the office.

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  • I ate my wife’s pussy while she was on a zoom call with her boss. When I was on one she used a dildo on my ass.

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