My wifey’s doing it again!!!!

My wife and I have been married 16 years. I’m 49 and she is 39. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in our marriage and 3 years ago she met a guy at Starbucks. She was 36 at the time and still turned heads (still does). The fucking 22 yo barista there hit on her all the time. During one our low points she took him up on his offer. After his shift that day she met him at his dirty apartment and he fucked her. This went on for a few months until another barista there sent me a message on Facebook telling what was going on. I confronted my wifey and she admitted it. I asked for details and got everything I asked for and much more. Fuck! To be 22 again in this day. When I was 22 there was fucking and blowjobs. That’s about it. Apparently this 22 yo fucker taught her a lot of new things. She eventually broke up with him a few days later. Fast forward to 2 years ago and she meets a 53 yo man and starts fucking him too!!! This one was bad. She actually moved in with him for a month and he was a dirty pervert!!! Fucked her ass daily, he was into BDSM. When she would come around to pick up more clothes she had obvious bruises. When I asked her about them the first time she said “Oh (smiling like she was remembering) Craig likes to punish me when I’m bad. I’m bad a lot!!” She had her first MFM with Craig and his friend. Then after the month she came home sobbing. Craig broke up with her because he found a younger woman. For the last two years things have been better but this past month they have been bad. Terrible actually. I suspected something was up and we have a mobile phone tracker app. We both have it so I’m not spying. She’s at Starbucks again. And has been there for the last hour. I just got off the phone with the girl who sent me the information about my wifey and the 22 yo. She said my wifey is flirting with a guy late 20s.

I think it’s time to just get a divorce.

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  • The minute she left you should have sold the place and moved out.

  • Ya think?

  • Why would you ever let her back in? You have problems. Seek counseling and get her the f out of your life.

  • Maybe if you called her, "old lady", "cunt", or "bitch" she'd respect you more than the very juvenile "wifey" moniker.

  • Definitely the last straw. I would have divorced her before now.

  • Sounds like you might be happier, it might be fun looking for a nice clean women with her head in the right places.

    Doing things you both can enjoy, it might be difficult competing with a 22 year old mind set?

    Good luck.

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