Do you fantasize about this too?

Does anyone else get these feelings on and off about wishing you had a vagina? In the last few months I noticed i think about it a lot more, what it would be like to have my own pussy, to see what women feel when they're having sex, to feel my vagina all day as I work. I've had a recurring fantasy where i leave all dolled up wearing my pink dress and black heels to meet someone for sex and then wake up after to my new body.

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  • I kinda felt like I was a woman in a man's body ever since I turned 15. I always fantasize that I would love to get fucked like a woman to feel a cock going in and out of my body feeling his cum being squirted into me then it happened on my 17th birthday.
    I went to the local theater to see star trek coming home and sat near the side wall way in the back like I always do well I let this older man pick me up and take me to his flat and when he found I had a cock like him he said no problem and introduced me to anal sex and the first time he came in me I knew right then and there I wanted more.
    I started in dressing like a girl and letting myself get picked up and now at the age of 22 I live with five men and I'm their cum depository up to 16 times a day and I'm happy.

  • It’s just getting more intense now and I don’t know. I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to feel sexy and getting all dressed up and wishing I really had a vagina with very pronounced lips. Sometimes I think I can feel a big cock going inside me and I can even feel the wetness

  • Why not message me

  • Not me

  • While I'm quite curious about how the female orgasm must feel, I'm not interested in any of the other aspects of owning a vagina.

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