A long written post just vanished! Do you have a copy!

Message to the site host...

Hello, I wrote a long story of the time my gf’s mom gave me a show while in the shower, but it disappeared when I accidentally hit the post button with my stylus?

Is there anyway you can retrieve it?

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  • Keep in mind, once you submit your story to Naughty Posts, you relinquish your copyrights, and you could, in theory, get sued if you copy and post it anywhere else, without permission.

  • I guess it’s best that I haven’t told to many stories and have been saving the big ones... it’s been fun. Take care

  • Omg that’s amazing and I thought I was the only one

  • Omg yes it’s so weird that you say something because I always copy the shit stories

  • Got it, thanks.. I suppose that might help with some of the typo’s also.

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

  • Sorry, no can do. Hit the right button next time or write your story in another format like MS Office or Memo, and then copy and paste into the new post screen.

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