I’ve been married for 5 years
My wife has always had a kinky side.
I’m 12 years older than her .
She has ofter called me daddy when having sex. Never thought alot about it.
One day i asked her why do you call me daddy sometimes.
She just gives me the kinky look and shrugs her shoulders.
Then the other night we were talking and she opened up to me. Afraid if how i would react.
Her dad and mom was divorced her mom was a drug addict so her dad had custody of her.
At a young age her dad and she went into details. But for short. Molested her.
He taught her everything and it became normal for her. She said she liked it and her dad was good to her. I never knew her dad he died
A year before i met her.
But she has handled it I guess in the only way she knew.
Just can’t imagine it.
Explains alot. When we have sex she always acts like she’s the shy innocent little girl even though she is 30now.


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  • I think it's so hot when women do this!!

  • It's amazing how many women do this! Why do you think that is??

  • I love when my daughter calls me daddy!

  • I think I may have fucked your wife.

  • Sounds to like she enjoyed her experience with her dad

  • My wife 65 will bend over backwards to please anyone and everyone. She circled around a busy intersection to give a homeless man with kids $20. She missed him on her first pass. I could go on. She a nymphomaniac which I think is related. Her dad died when she was 1.
    First week of college she gets a part time job filling claims for a big company near school. She starts about the same time others are leaving. it's just her and her boss who wants blowjobs from the fresh meat. She's only too happy to give him one almost every day for years. He also fuck her about once a week. The boss was about the same age as her dad. Naturally it pisses me off. I floated the idea of doing a Me Too thing on him and and the Mega company. He's still with us in his 90's. Two other girls were doing pretty much the same thing for him. All 3 should team up and get a lawyer. She says I'm crazy, she liked doing it.

  • Your wife is so generous. I wouldn't expect her to bend over backwards, just bend over so I can fuck her doggystyle. I'd also like her to ride my dick with me finishing off in missionary filling her pussy with my semen.

  • I found out my first wife had a brother about eight years after we were married. One of her parents passed away and he showed up for the service, one of my wife's cousins told me I needed to go over to her until he leaves. I was confused and asked who he was, she looked at me wide eyed and told me it was her brother but they are not close at all.
    Long story short he began molesting her very young but I never even suspected anything because she never showed any signs of sexual issues, never told me to stop doing anything we have ever done together.
    Few weeks later we were lying in bed resting after a great love making session during which I received two orgasms. She just started talking and told me sorry she never told me about her brother but we do not talk, tells me about the sexual things and how it made her feel. I told her she was a remarkable woman because I can not imagine what it would be like constantly getting touched and made to do sex acts for someone for like ten years.

  • Does it get you really hard when she calls you daddy?

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