A teacher at my child’s school caught my eye over the last year. She is now our in house sitter since COVID on days my wife goes to work. I work from home and we chat alot. She is engaged. Our chats have become more flirtatious the past few weeks. She snapchat friended me and now we chat on there alot. She ‘accidentally’ showed me a nude on her phone today and went to the bathroom to take out her nuva ring to show me what it looked like. Snapped me in the tanning bed. I know we both want each other badly and the sexual tension is building. I feel like it’s a matter of time until one of us crosses a hard line and we have the ‘opportunity’. I think she is giving me all the signs but waiting on me to make the final move

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  • Plenty of hints and clues for any horny old husband to follow there. Would you seduce her in your office or the spare bedroom? Just some innocent mutual masturbation to start out with or full blown hard lusty sex with her? Should "accidentally" show her this postings.

  • This will seem boring but my wife and are both home working, only 1 hour a day. I didn't work much more from my cubical. I'm just an extra set of eyes on money transfers. Some days she has no work. They pay us like we bust ass 40 hours a week. We live on 5 acres and for years she lays out nude on the deck, to my chagrin. Told her I saw neighbor guy .5 mile with binoculars, probably jerking off.
    She said I should join him and save a tree (by not buying my girlie mags). She's way hot for 40. 'guys do that anyway -- better me than some teen. wish i had a dollar for every time you jerked off.' About a month ago i said wtf, I'll lay out nude too. Last week I saw the guy and told her. 'want to really give him a thrill? Up for a blowjob?" Sure.

  • Like a lot of professional women she wants one last fling with a nice safe older guy. She meant to show her nude.
    She's screaming MAN UP!

  • 10 years after we were married my lawyer wife found a nude picture of my bachelor pad neighbor. The time stamp was 11 years ago, and we were engaged. She was a hot divorcee fuck buddy, 15 years older. My wife said we're even, she fucked 3 married guys in their 40's that year. 2 lawyers and an office supply salesman who was hung like a horse. She said she only had 1 HS BF, 1 college and me. And all her girlfriends had so many more, and these guys were safe to do some last call catch up with, who just wanted to her fuck her at her place. Neither wanted to be seen together. She's hot and wholesome and looks 10 years younger. She'd get these looks drinking a bottle of beer when she was 23 and looked way younger. Those old guys are going to hell, even though she was 24, she looked like 14 with big tits.

  • So what does she look like nude?

  • Well, l hope your kid gets a good grade, at least.

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