My best friend and I

Back when I was a very young boy I had a best friend who is still a good friend to this day. He and I were together all the time starting in the 4th grade. Not long after that we became very good friends and knew we could trust one another so we started exploring each others young bodies and at night in bed we would quietly get our hands in each others underwear and make each other feel very good and most of the time we would get naked and rub our dicks all over one another.
Not very long after all that started we started going down on each other and we both liked sucking and being sucked so we did it ever chance we got. Learning what a 69 was came easily since we both enjoyed sucking it just happened and it just felt good.
He must have had similar ideas as I did because every time we were in a 69 he would always play with my ass. Spread my cheeks touching my asshole a lot and the first time he tried to finger my ass I didn't stop him so he fingered my asshole for a very long time and even talked to me about if I liked it or not. Every time he fingered me I let him do it and even asked him to finger me and it felt very good so I made sure he could get to my tight little hole easily and liked spreading my ass cheeks open for him to play with me.
After awhile he started getting on top of me and he would hump on my ass and get very excited and so did I so it was just a matter of time before I suggested he try and stick it in me. He was very anxious and together we got hi dick up my ass and he humped me like crazy twice that first night and the very next day we stayed out in the woods most of the day and we did it quite a few times and it was really good.
We got older and started to cum so he always came in my ass and we both enjoyed sucking each other off and swallowing each others cum. For years he and I had a lot of sex and there were a lot of times where other friends would try it with us. Some of them just once but others came back often to get off with us and many times I would have 2 or 3 even more boys in a group taking turns fucking me and that was the best sex ever.
or some reason or another getting fucked by several guys in front of the others was a huge turn on for me and I was always anxious to take off my clothes and let my horny friends fuck me and get off in my ass as often as they wanted to. I could go on and on telling about the private sex between my friends and I and all the great sex we had but I will just say growing up with my horny friends was quite an experience and I still enjoy jacking off to the memories from time to time.

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  • I was 10 when my friend and I started messing around. We would spend the night at each others house. Once we got in bed we would strip down and play with each other. We moved on to sucking one another and a little ass play but never actually fucked one another. After high school we both were married and had children. Never played together again but I did find a friend later in life to play with.

  • My best friend growing up was a girl. We were kind of isolated out in the country but we lived on the same road. We were close enough we could ride our bikes to each others house. We were both fourteen when we started touching each others bodies. I would feel her very firm little tits and her pussy. She would feel my dick and was amazed how much my dick grew from being soft. We had watched a little porn so I laid on top of her when my dick was hard. Her tits were almost hard against my chest. She told me it hurt as I slowly pushed into her pussy. Then after a few strokes she tole me it didn't hurt anymore. I started fucking her hard and blew my load in about a minute. I stayed hard, and inside her pussy, and soon we were fucking again.

  • Nice story it made my cock so hard thinking about it. When I was thirteen I was jerking off in my basement with my best friend. I loved the sight of his cock and balls. I went over to him and I started licking his cock and balls. Then he shoved it in my mouth and made me suck him off. It was so good. I told him I wanted more. He turned me over and then he fucked me so good and hard. His big cock felt so wonderful in my asshole. I really miss him. His cock was the best tasting cock. His creamy goodness was yummy and sweet. I often dream of him.

  • I was 14 the first time I had my ass fucked, 3 brothers gang-banged me, some would call it rape, but I enjoyed it. I didn't let them know. I've had my share of women over the years, but I still enjoy getting a wad of jism pumped into my ass. But I enjoy it more when I've got a cock in my mouth at the same time.

  • When I was in 6th grade I became friends with this girl who had just moved to town. She was quiet so a lot of the other kids didn't like her. I thought she was cute and I didn't give a fuck who liked me or not. Anyway, I invited her over and we became best friends. By highschool we were inseparable. We never became boyfriend and girlfriend, and to this day I dint know why, we were just really good friends I guess. So anyway, she came over to spend the night. She always had to sleep in the guest room because she was still a girl and my parents wouldn't allow her to sleep in my room. Anyway, so it was raining, I remember lightning and thunder and shit. I got up to go to the bathroom and she was standing in the hallway just outside my door. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she was scared. So I let her sleep in my bed with me. I don't know what happened but we started kissing and next thing I knew we were both naked. I got on top and slid my dick in her. We had sex for a few minutes until I finished. I tried to pull out because I didn't have a condom, but I evidently didn't pull out in time, because a couple months later she told me she was pregnant. We never did date or get married, but she's still my bestfriend to this day. It's kind of odd having a kid with your bestfriend, especially when we are both married and have kids with other people.

  • Yep enjoyed early boy boy cum boy since I was 6

  • I take it that you moved on to pussy, but, I may be assuming too much. Your situation is quite normal, most people's 1st sexual awakening is with the same sex. It's, usually, a matter of who is close at hand, and sleepovers are usually same sex, so, there you have it. Somebody else's hand or mouth on your cock feels great at any age.
    I did the same thing, with a couple of different boys, around fourteen yrs. of age. One of them was three years younger than me, the other four. I had pubes and a six inch cock and, they did not. They almost worshipped me because I had " fur " and could " make sperms ". The eleven yr. old was quite sexual, was a great cocksucker, would initiate our frequent trysts, in fact, initiated the original act. The ten yr. old was just along for the ride, he didn't want to be left out, but, really wasn't into it.
    At fifteen, I was caught going down on the, by now, twelve year old by his mother. It was a bad scene, it caused me much trouble that I won't go into here. But, basically, he and I were forbidden to associate. Too bad, he had grown a light mantle of pubes, his nuts had dropped, and his cock gotten considerably larger. I moved on from the same sex thing, but, only for a few years. At nineteen, drunk and stoned, I let an older guy seduce me and we went all the way, sucking and fucking. I happened to pick up the younger playmate, by now fifteen, and we revisited those days in the woods. His eight inch cock was perfect, but, our relationship was very one-sided. He never really leaned towards same sex, just allowed me to stroke and suck him off, and when he was buzzed and really horny, he would fuck me. When he turned eighteen, he ended the relationship, but, we're still friends.

  • I had a vaguely similar experience with some brothers who lived near me when I was twelve, the oldest was my age, the other two were a few years younger. The main difference between us was that I had already hit puberty and had most of the cock I have now, while they were all underdeveloped, smooth, no hair. Iirc, the biggest was about the size of my index finger. I LOVED sucking their cocks. I don't know how much they enjoyed it, giving or receiving, but I never heard any complaints, and I sure as hell didn't have any. The main reason we never got any further was because this was podunk town in the 90s, and gay was largely a punchline.

  • Sounds like u had a great time

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