My friends Mother

I had a high school friend who tried really hard to get into my pants but always turned her down due to either the amount of alcohol she had consumed or I was in a relationship. In are college years she was engaged to a good friend. As she was studying, I had a job that allowed me to travel across Canada. Whenever I visited Calgary I would meet up with with Miia if she was visiting and/or her mother, Laurie, and party. Laurie knew all the cool places and I had money to spend. The nights were always filled with a little sexual tension but I never crossed the line with Miia as she was engaged to a good friend and I always assumed her mothers flirting was for fun...I was never great at reading signals... A few months later I find myself in Northern Ontario visiting with friends and we have dinner with Laurie, Miia's mother. I was invited to stay at Laurie's and accepted. After a few to many drinks our friends left and I took a quick shower, rolled a joint as Laurie showered. When she came out she was wearing a revealing dressing gown and told me to bring my cigarettes and the joint to her bedroom. Even my dumb ass knew what was going to happen. I did as I was told and she told me to lie back and light the joint. I was young., 21 ish and normally raring to go but whiskey and a 5 hour drive in a snowstorm was taking it's toll and then my semi started to shrink. Now I am grower not a shower and my flacid cock could be 4-5 inches in warmth or if the nerves set in I can shrink to an inch. As she started to go down on me and it quickly appeared I was nervous and not responding she laughed huskily and said 'Oh this will be fun.' She fumbled in a drawer and stated that we could try a female condom. She shamelessly parted her hairy lips inserted it, the smell of her juices and the the sight of soft grey pubic hair started to turn me on and I was relaxing. I still was not expecting what happened next. Laurie had me lay on my side over and started massaging my feet, spreading oil as she went. She quickly worked her way to my but cheeks and as she squeezed and spread wide my cheeks I could feel her breath on my asshole. Then nothing...I was hard 8" dripping pre-cum all of a sudden, my ass was spread and I really thought I would finally get a rim job. I had had quite a few experiences where, as a lover of eating pussy, if a girl was clean I would gently nibble and kiss her cheeks, her taint and ultimately more times then not end with her sinking down on the shocker, pinky only as deep as they wanted it. I knew anal felt good but other then a girl trying to jam a dry finger in my ass once, I had never been on the receiving end. But as I found her reflection in the armoire mirror, I could see she was putting on rubber gloves and had covered them with the oil. She then squirted a big puddle into one hand. As I watched she wiped the oil from front to back and as she her eyes caught mine in the mirror she turned, bent over at the waist and spread her ass cheeks with one hand and spread the oil around her soft, dark asshole, putting one up to the knuckle. ' It's edible and safe lube for these condoms ' she spoke suddenly breaking my trance. All of a sudden I felt cold and awkward, ass in the air. 'Light me a smoke' she says. At that moment I was starting to sober up, my erection was long gone and it dawned on me that I was in my friends mothers house, where I just watched her lube up her asshole, a small tuft of soft grey hair around her ass shiny with lube, the mouth of female condom almost comically hanging out her pussy wet with juices and lube. Her breasts, at 55 were still firm and perky, this I knew from the many motherly hugs. They were still contained in the tight house coat that ended at her waist. Blue nitrile gloves held in the air, covered with edible lube she took the cigarette in her lips and spoke around it. 'Grab that big, long pillow from the window seat.' She nodded to heavy looking pillow and asked me to put it on the bed. I took the cigarette from her lips, took a long drag and put 8t out in the ash tray. My penis was now playing hide and seek and the absurdity of the situation was hitting me hard. In her husky voice and with the help of her elbows she moved me into position with my ass in the air, feet hanging off the bed. I was trying to think of a way out of this weird situation, when she wiped the lube down the crack of my ass.with her cold gloves and fondled my nervous cock and balls. The with a sigh she lowered her head and licked from my bag to my asshole. It was when she moaned and gently probed, and circled my asshole dug her tongue in I completely.let go and as I pushed back on the tongue of my good friends mother she grabbed my now hard cock and painfully pulled it out behind me. I realized how god damn lucky I was. I embraced the kinkyness of the situation and even though my cock was uncomfortably pointing in the wrong direction I was ready to come. I begged her to stop, as I didn't want it to end, but she said 'Honey, you are going to come in ways you never knew.' She held my pulsating dick tightly stoping my impending orgasm. Until she.tugged me up and off the pillow.and slid under me and let the pressure go and I swung into her mouth. My impending orgams seemed to get stuck after the sudden release.of pressure, and I was sure I wouldn't be able to come then with almost no resistance Laurie slid her middle finger into my ass and milked my bag gently as I came. I had never truly came so hard and from so deep inside before. She gently massaged my.dick with her tongue until I popped out.feeling empty. She gently wiped my dick and ass with a warm cloth. 'My turn.' she said 'Lay on your back, hips on the pillow.' As she turned to dig in her dresser I laughingly stated that it might be a while before I managed a erection after such an intense orgasm. 'Don't you worry Honey.' Is all she says. As I light a cigarette she lubes us both up again, her finger lingering and deeper. Then produces a slim rubber/silicone two headed, flesh coloured dildo (1990's sex toys were not cheap). While straddling my leg she slowly prepared the long dildo. As she was rubbing her pussy and and ass on my leg She rolls a condom on each end and quickly tugged and tossed the female condom aside. As she slowly worked the head of the dildo into her ass, I sucked and pulled at her labia and clit. When she had the dildo deep enough she moaned and swayed above me moaning as she put the other end in her pussy. Her matted grey pubic hair, the pungent smell of pussy juice and her shameless joy of fucking herself infront of me had me hard in minutes. I enjoyed watching her juices coat the dildo and how her ass sucked the dildo in as I licked the ring holding it in place. I was more then eager when she told me to grab a condom and more lube. I told.Laurie I wanted to fuck her with the dildo still in her ass. ' Oh yes Honey.' And pulled the one end from her pussy, she wiped the trapped juices that had splashed down on my pelvic region and used it to lube my ass as she blew me. Her ass bouncing in the mirror with the dildo swinging was so hot. Shortly after she slowly worked it into my ass and I remember laying there and saying 'I can't do this' and her just telling me to relax. I took a little bit but once I started to relax I began to enjoy it. She jiggling.the dildo. At the end she sat on dick and we leaned back barely moving as she fucked her pussy and my ass with the dildo. I came twice in her asshole, I will never forget the feeling of her holding me in her ass until I got hard again. We slept late into the next day. I blew off my friends and Laurie gave me an hour or longer prostate massage. That by far was.the best sexual experience I have ever had in 22 years. Her daughter found out and was upset ...but 10 Years later, me, single and Laurie's daughter Miia, widowed but engaged for the second time came to visit me. That night I gave.Miia her first rimjob and begging for anal by the end of the night. We will all still get together and I might fuck Laurie again.

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