Canine delight

At home a few weeks back, I dropped my contact lens as I was getting ready to go out. I'd not long gotten out of the shower and only had a towel wrapped around me.
Kneeling down to find it, I immediately felt our dog sniffing at my pussy and ass. Then within a second or two he began to lick my pussy and asshole.
It made me jump a little, but it also felt utterly awesome.
Moving my legs apart naturally, it gave the dog easier access to my pussy as it continued to lick my sex. Every lap of its tongue brushed against my clit and along my slit to my asshole.
I knew it was wrong and I knew if my husband caught me, he'd freak out, yet in the position I was in, and feelings I was having building to orgasm, I didn't care.
Backing onto the dogs tongue, I finally rose up and climaxed hard. It was such a powerful orgasm I had to cry out and that sent the dog skittering off.
It came back as I calmed down on the floor of the bedroom, and then I could see its cock had extended out.
Moving over to where I sat, it tried to move me then mount me. I stopped it, but felt bad that I'd gotten it horny.
Nothing happened, but as I got dressed I relived what the dog had just done for me. I decided if there was a next time, I'd let the whole thing play out and see if I could take its penis.
Since the bedroom incident, the dog has approached me a few times, but only once have we repeated the licking. It was too brief for me to orgasm or give it the chance to enter me. That's because my husband has been around.
In a few days from now, my husband will be away for a couple of days, if the dog tries again, and I'm going to encourage it to do so. I'll see if it will mount and fuck me.

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  • This is so hot. Your pleasure is what counts. I’d love to hear about the next steps, did you let him mount you, did you get the knot? Did you cum, and how often now will you let yourself be fucked by a dog?

  • Years ago I had this sexy ass really hot nympho girl friend and when she drank a lot she would do anything. Well we were drunk at my house way out in the country both naked and having wild sex and I dared her t let my dog eat her pussy. She was slow to give in but once she was on all 4s in the floor and my dog was licking her pussy she loved it and after she had three huge orgasms I help him mount her and he started to hump her and she told me to get him off her at first but instead I reached in and guided his big purple dick right in to her wet pussy and she began to yell and scream out and push her ass back towards him and she kept saying "Oh fuck" over and over then she screamed out in pain and then said oh shit that hurts then Oh fuck he is shooting his cum in me.
    I lost it and got in front of her on my knees and shoved my dick in her mouth and grabbed her head and fucked her mouth and throat talking dirty to her {She always got off on dirty talk} and while they were hooked together ass to ass I had my nuts pressed to her chin and shot a huge load down her throat and right after I came my dog took his dick out of her pussy and dog cum poured out of her like a river. We showered after that ad after a good douche we drank more beer and late that night she wanted the dog to fuck her again so he did and for months after that at least 2 or 3 times a week if not more she would drop by the house to get some dog dick and suck my nuts dry.
    One day I came home and my dog was gone and I never saw her again. She moved away and took my fucking dog with her.

  • My wife fucked our Great Dane she loved it so did he

  • Suck him first

  • I got fucked by my horny little Shih Tzu. He put his tiny cock right in my clit and began to do his best. Thing is it felt so grand I think I'd rather have him then Lenard my boyfriend. I think my dogs cock is bigger.

  • If you enjoy the mounting, try sucking him. Not to everyone's taste, maybe, but it's my favorite part!

  • Let us know how you get on! I bet you'll feel filthy sexy and end up loving it! ;-)

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