I want to get a black woman pregnant.

It’s all I think about. It’s all I desire. I dream of this. I want an interracial child. All I want is this. Age is not important. Please let’s make this happen.

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  • Why would you want to knock up a negress? Just go down to your local zoo and fuck a gorilla, it's about the same difference.

  • Ignorant and offensive.

  • That’s pretty harsh.

  • Yeah, you're right. That is pretty harsh, I shouldn't insult gorillas like that.

  • I'm a white guy, single, good job, but I've had a hard time dating black women. Many black women do not like crossing the barrier to white guys, whereas white women seem to crave black guys. It is very hard for white guys to get black women in bed.

  • Well. Move to the united states. There are lots of sexy black woman willing to make your fantasy a reality in the big cities. Go before u get too old and tragic to gaze upon in your head according to your dream patterns . Get going now and don't look back. Me i had 3 real sexy black women girlfriends in my life and they were wild in the bedroom .

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