Sucked off

I'm a married straight/bisexual construction worker who also cleans windows.
It was cleaning windows when I first had my cock sucked by a younger gay guy.
I caught him whacking off, so he invited me in when he saw the bulge in my shorts.
Offering me a blow job, I allowed him to lower my shorts and boxers, then suck in my dick. The blow job over the next ten minutes was sensational. Easily the best I'd ever had and I ended blowing my load down his throat.
It happened again the following week, but that time he invited me in before I even started to clean his windows.
This went on for some months, each time with him swallowing my cum. Then he asked me to fuck him one morning, and to me right then, it was too much so I swapped rounds with another window cleaner for while.
About two months later putting in a new kitchen for a client, their son propositioned me when he saw I was looking at a gay website.
In his bedroom I had him sucking on my cock, and he too was an amazing cock sucker.
The job lasted another week and each day he blew my dick. Only on the second to last day, he offered up his arsehole. This time with my cock ragingly hard, I slid it up his rear hole and had my first ever gay fuck.
I shocked myself with just how much I enjoyed screwing his arse doggy style and came inside of him after he'd cum all over his own bed.
He blew me off the next and final day, as his parents were home. Even so I went on to fuck him a few more times in my van or out by the canal.
I was still cleaning windows, so I swapped back to my original young cock loving man.
On the first day back, I told him I was going to fuck him. And that's precisely what I did for over two wonderful fuck filled hours.
I've been fucking him ever since, and have stayed over at his place a couple of times when my wife's been staying at her mums house.

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  • The house painter my parents hired caught me after school playing with myself. I was changing out of my school clothes and in my underpants. I started thinking about another boy who's real cute and I was pretending that he was touching me but I was touching me pretending it was him. I squirted sperm into my underpants and when I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror I saw him looking at me through my window. I was really embarrassed too. I covered the front of my wet underpants and he knocked on the window and asked me to open it. He said that it's okay to do it and that he thinks I'm a real beautiful boy and would like to be with me. I don't know why but I said okay but I wanted to clean up. He came in to my bedroom and I sucked him and he then fucked me. We did it every day and still do it sometimes.

  • I want his ass.
    Now it’s time you took a cock up your ass.
    Anal feels really good you think your cock likes it, your ass will love it

  • I love getting cock up my ass. I never feel more fulfilled then when some guy is stocking his big hard cock in me and treating me as the cum hungry cock whore I really am. I wish I could experience being a cum dumpster in a large gang bang. Give me all the cock!

  • I play with dildos but I would love to have a real cock in my ass

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