Family ties

Every couple of weeks or so, my wife and I visit and stay over at her fathers house. He's divorced from my wife's mother and was before I met him, although they sometimes get together for long weekends away. (Don't ask)
I met my wife though her father, after I started working for him in the building trade. He owns a company which even through the difficult housing slowdown, kept a healthy business going.
Within a month of starting for his company he asked for me to visit his home, to as he said at the time, retrieve plans for a large development we were about to undertake.
Ten minutes after entering his home, I was on my knees taking his long thick cock down my throat. He'd somehow found out about me, that as a teenager at college, I'd had a very brief sexual affair with a relief male sports tutor. Knowing about it, he told me if I every so often satisfied him sexually, he'd make sure I'd receive the correct training and personal development to become a senior part of his company.
That afternoon, not only did I suck his cock until his pre cum was leaking down my throat, I also allowed him to fuck me in his kitchen as I lay naked on his island work surface.
It had been six years since I'd had any gay sexual contact, so my arsehole was like being a virgin all over again. It hurt so much I almost told him to stop, but because of his nature/reputation (He was and is known as a violent man) but mostly looking at the fifty one year old handsome mans face in such sexual rapture, I let him carry on fucking me. And by the time I was about to orgasm hard with his cock pounding me, I was so glad I hadn't asked him to stop.
Cumming all over my own stomach and chest had my future father in law bucking his hips harder, sending his cock deeper inside my bowels. Moments later I felt his hot sticky cum flooding into my body and saw a man who was my boss in total extacy.
Five months and some afternoons of wonderful gay fucking later, I met his daughter at a company function. We hit it off straight away and were soon dating. It kind of put a strain on my relationship with her father for a while, until he realized I wasn't going anywhere.
Working hard, studying what I needed to to progress, and playing just as hard with him, proved to him I was still a worthy employee and an occasional bottom to his gorgeously large cock.
Six months after that I'd gotten engaged to his daughter and our wedding plans were on.
Our wedding presents from her father, my occasional gay lover, was a purpose built home, a unforgettable honeymoon and a nights stay in a very expensive hotel, three days prior to our wedding with my future wife's father.
We sucked and fucked all night long, but we weren't alone. My father in law had invited another man along, someone I'll not mention too much about here. But needless to say they both enjoyed my body to it's fullest, as both men fucked me for as many times and however they wanted to.
Two years on and I'm now a senior manager with the company. My wife and I are expecting our first child in the new year and as for her father and I, we get together whenever we can. Staying over at his home helps as his daughter adores being at his house. Being pregnant though, means she gets tired easily. So when she retires to bed, myself and my father in law enter his study, and his cock enters my arsehole.
It's funny, as much as I adore and love my wife, I know as long as her father wants to, I'll always want his wonderful cock fucking me.

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  • It is Avery sexy story. I wish I could do the same and be fucked as my wife sleeps.

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