What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

I love this site. I write erotica and I love all the ideas I get from reading the answers to questions like this. So tell me what you've done.

My sluttiest moment was when my husband was pimping me out on an escort board years ago. I would fuck men in our bed while he was at work, sometimes one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then he would come home and fuck me. I never used condoms.

I wound up with several regular clients and one of them wanted to visit me after dinner to fuck me, which I usually didn't do. My husband was already home for the evening so I was going to say turn down the appointment, but my husband said he'd wait in our guest room and be really quiet. I was really reluctant but I loved getting paid for sex so I said yes. My client was thrilled to visit me in the evening and rushed over. I was surprised at how much I got off on having my husband in the next room listening to me fuck my client. I was really vocal while he fucked me, then as soon as he left, my husband took his turn with my freshly-fucked pussy. That happened a few more times over the couple of years I was escorting.

Oh, and my client that night was black. My husband loved that. I did, too.

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  • Screwed my girlfriend's friend in the next room while my girlfriend was drunk and out of it. We didn't make a sound , girlfriend never knew.

  • I let my X wife pegged my ass. I think we did it twice and was a great orgasm.

  • I sucked a she males cock. Was the first time and didn't know what I was doing, she had on a condom.

  • Long story! part 2
    Now my naughtiest one, but i knew i had too to make myself happy. At a family get together 8 weeks ago, i was watching my 12 year old niece playing in the pool. She was much cuter than i imagined. Tiny body, slim, tight tummy, nice round butt and long girly blonde hair. She had a little yellow bikini on, showing her small, nicely budding breasts and the pants were nice and tight over her smooth flat pussy.
    When she got out of the pool and went inside alone i made a move and followed her. I found her sitting in the dinning room. I told her that her if she could keep a secret that i had a way to give her $200 for proving her daddy wrong. I said he had said she was too little to have sex and wouldn't understand it. She asked and i explained it. I also said that if you haven't had you first period yet then it was safe. As soon as she said she had periods for 6 months and her last was a couple weeks ago, i was hooked. It took a bit and i convinced her that she was safe, she would get some money out of it as long as she doesn't tell anyone and i would tell her father he was wrong.
    In the garage i had her on the old lounge. I knew i really needed to make sure i put a baby into her, so i fucked her twice, bottomed out in her tiny pussy. I told her that to win the bet with her father we had to prove it, and to do so i needed to film her with me. I filmed myself 4 hours later that evening fucking her 2 more times, again blowing everything i could into her belly.
    Well she is now 8 weeks pregnant and will still be 12 when she has the baby. I loved her pussy so much that i found 4 more 11 and 12 year old's, paid them to let me fuck them as well. At least one of the 11 year old's was ovulating when i loaded her belly full of cum.

  • Long story! part 1
    Some years back it started out as a dare by a mate, but it turned into more from there on.
    Mid 20's, me and a mate were drinking one weekend at his place. His 16 year old cousin was their visiting. Not sure how we got to the conversation, but we started talking about hot young teens we knew. This lead to a partially drunken state of making a bet. He bet me $300 that i couldn't get into her cousins pants. Well the challenge was on.
    I talked to her and asked her about boyfriends and so on. I waited till we were alone in the kitchen and proposed it to her. I offered her $200 to let me fuck her. I assured it would show up her older cousin who bet me she wouldn't do it. An hour later i met her in the upstairs spare room. She told me that i needed to use a condom, but she agreed to let me since i didn't have any, but i had been snipped. Knowing this wasn't true i got so excited for fucking her. By the time i returned to my mate i had dumped 2 full loads in her 16 year pussy, even hoping i had impregnated her. He paid up and i paid her.
    I spent the last 15 years tricking young girls into sex. I offer to pay them $100 or $200 for letting me. I have stuck to the bet story and that i'm snipped. I managed to fuck 15 or 20 young girl every year, never meeting local girls, only going outer town or travelling. I always dump my loads in them, as many as i can in each girl. The youngest was on her 13th birthday and the oldest was 17.

  • I used to fuck this girl’s boyfriend while pretending to be friends with her. She did some things behind my back so I fucked him once and we both loved it. We started fucking almost every night. Apparently I was more adventurous in bed because I let him handcuff me and shit, and do anal. I felt so smug. I wouldn’t do it now, but I was only 16 at the time so I didn’t know any better.

  • I found out my wife was cheating on me. So I planned an evening she would never forget.
    I got her drunk, then drugged her so she passed out. I stripped her naked, and tied her to the bed. Then I let several of my best friends do what ever they wanted with her. To get even for cheating on me.
    I left the room, and went to the soare bedroom and went to sleep. My friends woke me the next morning as they were leaving. I got up, went to the bathroom showered and shaved. Made myself some breakfast, ate, then decided to go check on my wife.
    Wow, did my friends do a number on her. She had a black eye, bloody nose, cut lip, deep bite marks on her boobs and belly. Her pussy and ass hole were beat red and swollen, with cum running from both like a river. They must have wipped her with a belt, because she had huge welts across her ass and back. I checked her over she was breathing fine, and starting to wake up. So I untied her and left the room. My wife come out of the bedroom a couple hours not knowing what had happened.
    After a bit when she got witts about her, I explained what happened to her and why. Only thing she had to say was that I didn't have to drug her she would have it willingly. She then asked if I could set up again for shen she was all healed. She told me if I did she would never cheat again. Apparently the only reason she cheated was for excitement and thrills, she want to get caught.
    Sonit all worked out.

  • My husband lets man rape me he likes to watch, join in using me, but if any one really hurt me like that he would kill them!

  • I gave my husband’s best friend a blow job on the drive home from a club while my husband was passed out in the back seat.

  • Fuck yeah you did 😂

  • I started having anal sex when I was 14, to save my virginity I didn’t have vaginal sex until I was 17. I know it’s stupid. My boyfriend had anal with me almost everyday after school with only his saliva as lube. I had anal sex with 6 guys before I finally lost my virginity and it was very underwhelming. I should have just saved myself all of the pain and had vaginal.

  • When I was 15 my girl was 13 and all we did was anal. That's probably why I like anal so much.

  • Ran into a kid (Chris) I used to babysit for, we are only 9 years apart, started hooking up, one day he told me he wanted me in my wedding dress, I said sure but he wanted to have an orgy, pretending to be the groomsmen gangbanging me. We set a date, I got all dressed up as if it was my wedding day all over, took pics, even had a limo take us to the same hotel, and all 4 of them fuck me. Later that evening after coming home, my hubby saw that I took the dress out, I told him I went and got it cleaned again, cause it had a smell. He asked me to put it back on, so I did, we had dinner and I had the strangest idea. I texted chris and asked if him and his buddies wanted to come fuck me again? When he replied I said be at my place asap. I gave my hubby a glass of wine with sleeping pills mixed in, and he went straight to bed. When the boys got here, they fucked my silly in my bedroom with my hubby passed out on the bed.

  • Having sex with black men while my husband watches. he pics them, I have no say as to who or how many.

  • That's great your lucky. Did he have a big black cock?

  • He? You mean did they have big cocks, yes he picked them not me, hubby didn't care how ugly they were as long they were big and did me rough and hard, hubby liked to see me gang raped, it happened often.

  • When I was in my early 20's I worked at a big family restaurant. One evening I walked into the kitchen area and two of the brothers were talking to three or four waitresses so I walked over to see what was up. I heard a few come on, it is easy money, he just likes to touch, I was really confused now but asked what they were talking about. One of the brothers looked right at me and asked if I would be willing to go to the old mans house and let him touch me naked. This was in the early 80's and I had met the old man a few times, I shrugged my shoulders and told the $300 and he can touch me all he wants.
    I drove over to his house with the money in my purse, rang the doorbell and a few minutes later he opened the door. He looked me up and down and invited me inside, I followed him back to this huge master bedroom with a king size bed. I walked over to a chair sitting in front of what looked like an old make up table, I stripped off my clothes and asked him he wanted me to shower first. He told me no, I was perfect just like that so I laid down on the bed while he worked his way up on to it.
    He ran his hands and fingers all over my body, tickling and teasing me for quite some time. He finally laid himself between my legs and started kissing and licking me, he looked up at me over my bush and asked if I was sure this was okay, I responded by pushing myself against his face and rubbing up and down on it. I had several great orgasms that night and finally got him to have one also, he was so out of breath he was laughing and told me he had not had this much fun in years.
    He walked over to me in the morning and gave me an envelope which I assumed was more money and I was right, $500 more. I asked him when he wanted me to come back again, he told me I had an open invitation to come over anytime I wanted to and I did several times for a few years until he was so out of it he was in a nursing home.

  • I fucked a very pregnant co worker after she told me her husband hadn't touched her in months. It was one of the best sexual experiences I had to that point. She was extremely excited and came while I licked her pussy and fingered her. I even tasted the milk from her tits while playing with her nipples. She got and all fours and practically begged me to fuck her . She was almost to her do date and we fucked right up to the birth of her child. After she had the baby and came back to work she told me she couldn't fuck me anymore as she felt guilty cheating on her husband. She did give me one more amazing blowjob in the car before she left.

  • I had a co-worker ask me to get her pregnant because according to her at the time her husband was not shooting enough good swimmers. We had some amazing sex at a hotel not far from work, turns out he had decided years before getting married that he never wanted kids and got his tubes snipped. She did not know this and tried passing it off as he finally did it. He divorced her and now she lives with me, his loss because she is awesome in bed and everything in life. She sucks me just about daily and still manages two kids and a house so life is great!

  • I had a girlfriend who was unbelievably naïve about sex but told me that she wanted to lose her virginity. I told her that guys could only have two orgasms per day so if she sucked on me and made me cum twice then I could make love to her without worrying about getting her pregnant. We always started out our love making with her sucking on me for a good half an hour which I absolutely loved. I would go down on her first sometimes and after her getting a few orgasms I would lay back and watch her suck out two orgasms as hard as she could because she loved a cock inside her. I guess it was a few months of this when one night she told me I was wrong about the two orgasms per day for men, I laughed and told her I knew that I just love getting my cock sucked.

  • How did she find out ? she must have fucked a guy who was able to cum in her 4 or 5 times in one day. I wonder where you were that day.?

  • Hard to pick one! Wife and I have had a threesome with a guy I worked with and we have swung with other couples. The naughtiest memory was when we were with a couple at a hotel. The other husband was standing on the other side of the bed, my wife was lying on her back sucking his cock, his wife was eating my wife and I was standing behind her fucking her wet pussy. I had such a great view of everything going on! I will never lose that image!

  • I have done a few naughty things in my life but I guess the biggest one was when I was in college. I am just not great at math and failed a course that I had to have for my degree, the professor was in his 50's at least, not in good shape, balding with a huge bushy mustache. Two exams later I was not passing again and I went to his office and while I was talking with him learned he was not married and lived close to campus. He gave me a C for the course and I gave him more sex than I ever thought I would for something like that, he told me for my final I would have to give him three blowjobs. I could not believe when I got my grades for the semester and saw that C, I was thinking to myself that he really screwed me over instead of the other way around but I did not complain about it. God I remember how much his mustache poked me when he would bury his face into me, I swore my clit and lips were getting pierced sometimes, I think he knew exactly what he was doing as he rubbed it across me.
    The only really great thing about it was his cock was really thick, average length but thick and I did enjoy it when he plunged it into me spreading me wide.

  • I talked my then boyfriend into having a threesome with a guy I was cheating on him with. He was so in love with me he agreed to it, It ended up with me sucking the guy and then getting fucked by him while telling my boyfriend to just jerk himself off until we were done. I got him to do this three more times with the same guy before he finally wanted to fuck me too. The guy I was cheating with told him he could have a turn but only after he sucked his cock.It took a little convincing but he finally did suck the guy's dick while I jerked him off. He came without fucking me and got a mouth full of cum. I broke up with him the next day.

  • That is fucking evil!

  • I fucked my best friend's wife every weekend after he was arrested for drunk driving and had to serve his sentence from Friday to Sunday afternoon for six months straight.

  • My husband and I went to his company picnic which was outside on his bosses farm. They had tents set up, music, games and tons of food and alcohol. My husband basically ignored me most of the time we were there and proceeded to get so drunk he was passing out at one of the tables. I had to ask one of his coworkers to help me get him to the car . As he was trying to get him off the chair another co work jumped in to help. Well we got him in the car and the two guys told me they would follow me home to help get him in the house. We struggled to get him out of the car and inside, I thanked them for their help , that's when one of the men jokingly said" geez all that work and not even a peck on the cheek? " At that moment I got this really strange vibe from him ,the voice in the back of my head screaming don't do it ,but I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. Of course that wasn't enough with him say you have to do better than that. The next thing I know we are in a full blown kiss his tongue is in my mouth hands on my ass as I feel another set of hands coming between us groping my breasts. I eventually started coming to my senses saying we couldn't do this because my husband was right there on the couch. To that I was told "fuck him ,he shouldn't have gotten shit faced." It wasn't much longer before I was getting fucked and sucking dick with my husband just a few feet away. At one point the guy fucking me told me my husband had his eyes open and was watching. I couldn't see him because I was sucking the other guy's cock but had a really good orgasm at just the though of him seeing me getting fucked. My husband never said a word so I don't think he really knew or just didn't remember it happening.

  • I met and let four men gangbang me in my and my bfs bed when we worked away for a week. even wore some lingerie that was originally for my boyfriend

  • Love it how did you like all that attention

  • Love it! so much so we did it twice more over that week

  • That's so hot. Tell me more details

  • What u wana kno?

  • Yeah right.

  • I would have to say the absolute naughtiest thing would be letting a really old guy have sex with me. I cleaned houses in college and at this one place he must have been her father or possibly grand father but he was likely in his late 80's and was living with them. She asked me if I would consider staying with him for the weekend and explained that the only thing he needed done for him was meals. I told her yes and the first night I was there he was full of nothing but compliments, telling me if I was a younger man I would be asking you out for sure. I thought to myself, sure why not make the guys day and let him have a great time. I told him to show me his best moves and lines then just let him do what ever he wanted with me.
    I was pretty bad but we had a great weekend.

  • I fucked my coworker in the backseat of my car before work started. We had been flirting for months and one day she came in to work early (I always came in early) and she asked if I wanted to go have sex. I said yes, so we drove down the road and parked down a farmer's lane. We got in the back seat and we fucked. I didn't wear a condom and finished inside her. She had her tubes tied, so it wasn't like she could get pregnant anyway. The taboo part is we are both married to other people. She has a husband of 20 years with kids and I have a wife of 19 years with kids. That was the first and only time I have ever stepped outside my marriage.

  • I stripped my drunk sister and played with her for quite some time, I got her to suck me and swallow. She woke up the next day around noon with no idea she sucked on me and got f@cked by me for a few hours. Lucky for me this happened several times.

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