It all started when I was 13 I guess. I got got played with by my uncle and his partner. It started with touching, mutual masturbation then them taking turns sucking me off. It ended with me in women's crotchless underwear, on my front with my arse in the air with multiple old mens cocks going in and out of my stretched bumhole. I was 15 and I loved it. I knew it was wrong but i kept going back for more. Time and time again I would go back and drink the vodka oranges and go through to the bedroom. There was always bottles of poppers in the draw and tubes of ky jelly, so I would sniff them whilst watching porn, lubing myself up waiting for the door to open and my uncle and various mates would come in the room and head over to me on the bed, where i was lying naked on my back waiting for the party to start. I loved the new "good friends from other areas" coming to town. Sometimes they would bring their teenage "nephews" with them too, which was always fun. Knowing there were other "me's" out there made me feel ok. This went on for about 2 years untill i met a girl and got serious with her. She was stunning. 5.5" long curly dark hair and gorgeous perky tits. I never saw my uncle and his mates for about 3 years. One evening at a family function, me and my girlfriend ended up getting a taxi with my uncle and his partner back to his. My gf knew nothing of my past sexual encounters and came along not knowing my uncle was a dirty man. We all got out the cab and went in the house where my uncle was straight in the kitchen pouring out drinks. Music came on and we partied for a couple of hours. Music was playing and drink was flowing when i noticed i couldnt see my gf. Looking around the front room i noticed i couldnt see my uncle either. I got up and went through to the bedroom where i walked in and see my gf lying on her belly getting her bumhole licked by my uncle. At that point my uncles partner came through and went straight over to my gf and started pulling her ass cheeks apart. She was wincing as my uncle started feeding his fat cock into her arsehole. I couldnt believe what i was seeing. She was out-slutting me, ON MY STAGE! lolanyway i stood there with the greatest hard on ive ever had and could only watch helplessly as they gave her what i normally got. I wanked off and scurried back through to the living room and lit a cig. 10 mins later my gf walked in pretending she had fell asleep. The times i got off wanking to that video. Absolute brilliant.

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