My sister

So basically, there is this guy who lives in my neighbourhood and i can see his bedroom from my bedroom window and this guy has been bullying me for years. He is alot bigger than me and there isnt really much i can do and he is a real tyrant, even when im with my sister who is 20 btw, he doesnt hold back. This guy has serious nerve he even walked past me and my sister when we were shopping and slapped her ass and this is the weird part, she didnt even react or seem to care/mind. So about a week later he sent me a little clip over facebook and if was of a naked girl giving a blowjob and i thought this was very odd but anyway. So the night after i looked out my window and saw my sister knocking on his door it was fairly late and she went inside and i was in disbelief i thought why is she going over there and i then see them both entering his bedroom and this is where i wanted to look away but couldnt, she stripped down to her panties and all i could see was her ass and her head bobbing up and down this prick and i couldnt believe my eyes, it turns out she was the one in the video too and now they do this regulary and she doesnt know i know but i kind of like watching it happen and i dont know why

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  • The only thing that has less periods than this post is an 83-year old woman. Punctuation is not the enemy.

  • The only thing that has less periods than this post is an 82-year old woman. Punctuation is not your enemy.

  • You jerk off to it don't you?

  • Yes i do its wrong but its hot

  • What about this exactly is wrong? Plenty of people jerk. Few think it's wrong.

    Also, if you haven't done so, you should thank him for the brief clip. Tell him you owe him.

    Next, you can ask your sister where he gets the gall to slap her butt in public, and how he knew she'd be 'OK' with it.

    With any luck, they'll begin training you to be a good submissive.

    Get back soon and let us know how this went!

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