Growing up sharing a room with my little sister

Im James, I used to share a room with my little sister Josie because we lived in a small apartment. My father, would sleep in the living room. My sister and I had to share the bedroom. I used to play around with her a lot, like grab her boobs and stuff when we play wrestled. She didnt really seem bothered by it, she would just laugh. As we got older, I started to notice her boobs getting bigger, and her ass looking nicer.

One day she went to sleep on the floor, and she fell asleep on her stomach, so her big ass was sticking up in the air, she looked so sexy. I tried to wake her up to tell her to move to the bed but she wouldnt wake up. I was looking at her ass and couldnt stop staring. Being a young boy, I quickly got a hard on. I tried to wake her again, but still nothing. I grabbed her ass and shook her in an attempt to wake her, but she wouldnt budge. I shook her ass really hard, and still nothing. So I just went for it, and started squeezing her ass.

It was so fucking round and perfect, I never felt a nicer ass. She just laid there as I did it. I laid down on top of her as if I was about to have sex with her doggy style. She still had her pj's on so I was basically just dry fucking her vagina. I did this for a few minutes then she sort of moaned a bit. So I got up and then she woke up.

I asked her to move to the bed and she did. I went to the bathroom jerked off and we both crashed out on our beds. I would repeat this over and over until one night, she was sleeping in the same spot. So I did the same thing, got on top of her and dry fucked her a bit, she moved her leg up a bit then laid on her side. I started to squeeze her tits and I couldnt help but put the head of my dick in her mouth.

She sort of opened her mouth a bit, and started sucking. I pushed it in her mouth a bit more but she moved her head away from me. I couldnt help but finish myself off into a sock. Eventually I think she figured out what I was doing during the night. One time I was making her jerk me off with her hand, and she pulled her hand away from me, and she moved out into the living room.

This time it was just the 2 of us because my father was out drinking. But she never said anything to me about it. I still wonder to this day, she thinks about me and those times I almost fucked her, and was ready to take her virginity. I think about her almost every day. Those nights I spent feeling that glorious ass of hers, and her boobs, and pussy, and putting my dick in her mouth while asleep. I wish I can fuck her over and over.

If she confronts me about it, and fucks me It will make my entire world happy. It sucks we both grew up, and moved on from that apartment. Now have our own lives, in different cities. I get to see her at Christmas though, so we shall see how it goes. Seems like the only time I see my family is Christmas, travelling can be tricky with work an school. Lets see if we share a room again.

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  • If you fucked her she would fall in love with you

  • Sex definitely brings siblings closer. It's great

  • If I can spend the night at her place maybe I can try to hook up with her.

  • It doesn't sound like you'll have a lot of time to work with. So go to wherever your sister is sleeping, and finger her pussy until she has an orgasm. Then squeeze her tits, and suck her nipples as you're pounding her tight pussy.

  • I think you are being too sexually aggressive. Try just basic cuddling and kissing first. Getting your sister to have sex with you can sometimes be a gradual process. It was quite a while before my sister would have sex with me. Clever seduction is the key. Be smart, not Pervy.

  • It's not happening

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