Gf’s sister cleans up after me!

I lived with my girl friend and her family for 7 years between 17 and 24 years of age. During this time I experience many forms of sexual opportunities from her mom and older sister. However this is one of my personal favorites. I was home alone with the older sister and she always showered in the afternoon before her 3 to 11 nursing shift, the shower was down stairs and I was sitting at the kitchen table upstairs studying for one of my engineering classes. Well, she walks upstairs with a towel rapped around her and one on her head..she goes into the upstairs bathroom as she always did to rub lotion all over her body. The strange thing is, she always left the door open a crack! I walked over to the door and there she is butt naked and applying lotion to her arms, then she puts one leg up on the counter top which is facing me just 2 feet from the door. I knelt down to get a better view and I noticed I was getting a reaction from being so close. Fortunately it was summertime and I was wearing a pair of cotton gym shorts, so I pulled it out the leg part and rubbed it a few times and exploded it around the carpet base board, thinking it would be hidden. After I finished I went back to the book on the table. She walks out and says what’s wet here on the floor? Oops! She must have rubbed her hand across it because she makes a sound like “staah” and gets a towel to wipe it up. After she got dressed for work, she starts out the door and says “if you going to make any more messes, don’t forget to clean it up” and chuckles...nothing more was ever said about again!

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  • I’ll be leaving more posts about my sexual exploits while living at my gf’s house. Just search gf’s... as I’ll start each tittle off with gf’s (girl friends). Both mom and sis were wild but mom was unbelievable?

  • The GF was insatiable about cumming, next story is about the first time she asked to have sex.

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