Finally wanted to be sucked

I travel quite a few times a year and when I do I always post ads for giving massages with happy endings, I just enjoy doing it. When ever I return to this one area I have had the same guy come to my room four times now but he never wants oral just a hand job. He has an average size cock with nice balls and is in fairly good shape for being around sixty years old.
The last time I was there was about three weeks ago and I emailed him asking if he wanted to come up to my room for another massage. He responded later that day asking what time and I told him anytime he wanted and gave him the room number. I told him I had no plans to go anywhere but if it was going to be around six to message me first as I will be eating dinner. He responded that he was on his way up.
He arrived as usual and got naked for his massage, I was finished up with his back and legs and asked him to roll over then began working the front of his legs and chest. His cock was responding to a little bit of teasing as I let my fingers graze by it a few times. He then took in this deep breath and has he let it out he asked me if I would use my mouth on him, I told him sure I would really enjoy doing that for him.
He relaxed a little bit then I began massaging him again and as I worked my way down I began by just licking him from tip to balls, I probably did this for ten minutes just teasing the hell out of his cock. He was gasping and breathing hard and even telling me that what I was doing felt amazing. I finally sucked his entire cock into my mouth slowly bringing it all the way in and it just reached my throat so I began swallowing and pushing my chin down into him. Like I said he is average in size, maybe six inches but very easy to swallow so I did this over and over listening to him gasp and praise every suck. It might have been two minutes and I heard him breathing really hard and gasping then felt the base of his cock pulsating as he began to orgasm. I turned up the speed and gave him a hip bucking incredible orgasm followed by deep sucking and ball licking hoping to get a second one out of him.
He told me after about a minute that he could not take anymore as he sat up slightly gasping from my oral treatment, he told me again how incredible it felt and he had never been pleasured so much. I told him that I would be happy to do it again later when he has recovered from it and he looked at me like I was crazy. He asked me if he could come back around seven this evening and I told him sure, I will be here.
I decided to give him something to really remember as I heard the knock on the door. I let him in then as the door was closing I knelt right down on the floor and asked him to turn and face me. He was wearing a pair of sweats and shorts underneath which I peeled right down to his ankles, I grabbed his hips and gulped down his cock as he stood there with his mouth open amazed. I sucked on him until he was hard burying my nose right into his pubic hair every time and listening to him gasp and breath hard. I then asked him to sit on the couch with his butt on the edge and lie back, I came over to him and went back to sucking on him hard and fast stretching his cock out with every suck. He came in minutes barely able to contain himself as he arched his back and stretched out his legs, I again buried my nose into his body swallowing him down easily.
I then began slowly licking him just giving his balls and shaft plenty of attention waiting for his head to recover, I kept it up for about five minutes listening to his breathing and testing the waters around the edge of his head. I ran my tongue around the ridge under the head then began slowly sucking on the whole thing as he gasped and watched his cock disappear deep into my mouth. He had a look of disbelief as I began slowly working him in and out of my mouth sucking on him gently, he told me at this point that I was an incredible cock sucker.
He finally had another orgasm some twenty minutes later as I slowly built him up to it then ravished his cock with throat diving sucks and plenty of ball licking and sucking. I thought he was going to have a heart attack as his back arched up off of the couch and his legs were shaking from the tension. He came and let out this long moan followed by his body shaking, he started gasping as he told me I had to stop sucking on him.
He recovered laying there on the couch and as he was leaving I asked him if he wanted to come back tomorrow around seven for another one, he looked at me and told me he would really enjoy that again.

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