How To Get My Wife To Agree To A Sexual Fantasy With A 3rd F?

Hello! First post here. My beautiful wife and I have been together for 14 years, married for 9. I've only had sexual relations with 1 girl (my wife) my whole life, which I attribute my secret addiction to porn and cam girls (which I'm trying to quit). Anything regarding cum facials is my biggest turn on, which you can probably gather from my username lol. Very luckily, my sexy wife loves to get naked on her knees for me and let me blow a huge load all over her pretty face. I love my wife dearly, but you only live once, and I really want to have more expanded sexual experiences, all with her involved in some capactiy. Lately I've had the hottest fantasy go through my head, of my wife naked on her knees, with another naked girl standing next to me and jerking my cum all over my wife's face while my wife plays with my balls. I can't get it out of my head. I've even Photoshopped multiple pictures of this act using pornstars and pictures of my wife with cum on her face. I would love to make this fantasy happen but I can't fathom how I can possibly bring this up to her, however I have the slightest inkling that she may be open to it if I spin it right. We also have a 4 year old which complicates having another girl coming over our house. How can I make this steaming hot fantasy happen?

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  • Just be honest and tell her about your fantasy, who knows she may surprise you with her own fantasies. If you like the sight of your cum on her face, wait until you see the cum of a woman on her face. My first wife had a friend who often joined us and I would fuck the friend doggy-style with my wife under her in a 69, sucking her clit, waiting for her to drip her cum onto her face.

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