My friend and his sister

In the summer when I was 13 I went over to my best friend Steve's house. Nobody answered when I knocked so I just went in (our families knew each other very well). I went upstairs and he wasn't in his bedroom, then I heard something from his little sister's room (she was about 12). I went to the door and saw Steve's ass in the air between Mona's naked legs, and his cock rubbing her pussy. At first I thought she was crying but then I realized she was moaning with pleasure and she told him, "Put in in me, Steve, I won't cry again."
I was a little freaked out, being only 13, so I just went home and never mentioned it to Steve or anybody else.


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  • Dude you should’ve joined in! You could’ve put it in her ass and DP’d her with your friend!

  • The summer before high school started this family moved in and there were two kids, a boy my age and his sister who was a year or so older. I had been over at their house a few times and they seemed pretty cool. One day like a month after I met them I was in his bedroom with him just hanging out and his sister walks in and asks us if we want to play. I was thinking something like a board game and she was pretty cute so I said sure, she tells us okay you can go first, come down to my room in a few minutes.
    I walk down and her door is closed so I knocked and heard a come in, when i did she was laying on her bed naked with her legs spread wide, I stood there shocked at first. She tells me to come over and start licking her pussy and i just about came in my pants hearing her request. Her bush was just about shaved off and her boobs were so firm with dark red nipples them. I kneeled down on the floor staring right at her pussy and just started licking it, I had never licked pussy yet and wow did it taste good.
    She was full of instructions and I think she had an orgasm based on her moaning and movements. She told me I played well and to send her brother down when i went back to his room. He was gone like half an hour and I heard her moaning and screaming a few times, he came back and told me she gets this way sometimes and just loves sex but do not tell anyone about it. I was like sure, not a problem at all. I had sex with her quite often because she would come back to my house after school and we would have fun before my parents got home.

  • There are many siblings who have sex.

  • And rightly so! I absolutely adore my sister and I can think of nothing better than having her in my bed! Paradise!

  • I woke up once to my sister moaning in the bed near mine. Our step dad between her legs. I pretended to be asleep. But I saw them. She was so happy.

  • You mad! Let him know then demand he tells mona to let you fuck her too. Or else... fre pussy for you get in there.

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