Me and my uncle

I wanted to get fucked by my uncle so bad.
He was always so hot. He has abs and tight skin. He did smoke but smelled good. I would have to finger myself beliveing he did It to me. I once walked in on him showering and since we have see through shower curtains I saw his dick and ass. He saw mine too cause I thought I was only home. When he saw me again In the house it was awkward. One day I got up at 2am and went snuggled next to him. I got closer and turned next to him. He wrapped his leg around me initamately. We kissed and stayed like this until the morning. It was awkward and sometimes is but he’s straight and I’m gay. He’s 63 and I’m 18. I want to have sex but I don’t know if he wants too

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  • If he kissed you and wrapped his leg around you he wants you. Go for it.

  • Don't you have a brother or cousin you could try out next time? Maybe go camping or something.

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