New trend

So my wife decided to start a new trend in the house. She's decided to go bottomless. She is thick but not fat. Big, round, firm ass. DD breasts. Surgically enhanced. Not implants. She had a reduction. So they are basically perfect. She wears either a tank top that covers down to the top of her butt crack and exposes all of her pussy. That or old button down shirts of mine. She leaves like 4 or 5 buttons at the top unbuttoned. She likes to show off all of her cleavage with the occasional boob slip depending on what she's doing. She also keeps above her pussy trimmed but not shaved. She says that totally shaven is for pre-adolescents. Full bush is too hairy. So she uses a pair of clippers with a number 2 block. She shaves her pussy lips bald tho.

Now this isn't just when I'm home. This is now all the time. Family over. Friends over. Work friends over. Working in the back yard. All bottomless. She doesn't even own any panties any more.

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  • I knew of a nudist couple I used to peep on. Their back yard faced a wooded area where I would observe them with binoculars. I could see her at the kitchen sink, and she was topless, always, anytime of day or night. It was only when they went into a family room that I could tell they were nude. She spotted me peeping one day, and ducked out of surprise. Then, she laughed and waved. I refrained from anymore daytime peeping, but, they knew I was still watching them. They had little kids, and one night after the kids were down, they were in the family room, reading and watching t.v. He stands up and had this huge fucking erection, and she stands up, caresses it lovingly, and they look out the sliding glass door, smile, wave, and turn out the lights.

  • Nice fantasy. I can tell how excited it must make you knowing how sexy your wife is and how tempted you must feel to show her off.

    If you haven’t started showing her off online (with her permission), then you should start.

    I love seeing a sexy wife being exposed by her husband, for the first time.

  • Would love to see your wife pics

  • Now I really, really think you might be fibbing here eh ?

  • Sounds like my new step dad. He says it's okay for mommy and I to walk around naked in the house. But we have to put clothes on when people come over or we go outside.

  • I love to see a woman partly dressed. It turns me on. I would love to see you and your mother walk around the house with black thigh highs and heels and a t shirt that just about covers your ass.

  • Just taking a wild guess here, I bet your a young teen or preteen girl. Right?

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