Shut the F### UP!

Out at a bar this weekend, a group of girls was at a table hanging out, and then they ended up moving to the bar. One was a loud troll who couldn't hold her liquor and was getting hammered and even more loud. It's amazing how one shrill voice can cut through loud music, but it did. She pronounced several vowels the same way, with that fucking NOISE, and she started criticizing everything, even ripping on some old regular who was just hanging and watching the game.

Three dudes were at the corner of the bar near the juke box and this scag went over and could barely get the money in the machine. She kept yelling "These songs SUCK," mostly because she couldn't run the machine. She yelled to her friends across the bar a few times, that shrill sound again, then made a comment about the 'shit metal' that was playing. Finally, one of the guys, a round guy who could probably lift a car, had enough and turned and screamed "SHUT...THE...FUCK...UP! JUST SHUT UP! ALL FUCKING NIGHT" It was the loudest I'd ever heard a human scream and she turned and stared at him for a second with a precious look on her face. She might have even pissed her pants. Then she turned and crept out of the bar, and I think one of the girls followed her. Bro got a huge round of applause and several drinks sent his way. Fucking mint.

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  • I know a bitch who sounds just like that. I can't stand being in the same locale with her. I feel myself getting all angry and pissed when she speaks. I hate people like her.

  • I’m thankful I don’t have to live with her!

    Couldn’t image hearing that shit every night.

  • Had a drunk woman like that at a party at a friend's house and one guy finally had enough and told her she needed a cock in her mouth to shut her up. She made the mistake of telling him he wasn't man enough and moments later she was forced to her knees and he kept her quiet for a few minutes with a rather thick cock. She had her mouth fucked 8 more times, one after another, even throwing up during the fourth one and she passed out as the last one pumped his wad down her throat. We didn't hear another sound from her that night.

  • Our whole group got up and left the Winery we were at. I think this same lady was there! My gawd what a mouth. Her bellowing screeching laughter pierced my ear, I sat there as long as I could take it with my hand covering that ear. As not to make a scene between our group and loud mouths group we bailed out.

  • I really thought this story was going to end differently. Like with the loud mouth being drunk fucked in the parking lot.

  • Her self esteem would have been low enough that anyone could follow and prob have a go

  • Lol. My bff gets a little mouthy when she’s drunk. One time when my bf was picking us up from the bar, we couldn’t find her. Sure enough, there she was in the parking lot getting spit roasted by a couple guys I knew she was pissing off inside.

  • Fantastic effort, six star

  • The best way I've found to shut up a woman like that, is to ram my cock down her throat. Shuts them up every time.

  • Its not pure silence but i dont mind the noises she gag’s and chokes then

  • Why here?

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