Wife and some bbc

My wife and I watch a good bit of porn, she has developed a desire for some black cock, I don't have a problem with it as long as I can watch and get sloppy seconds, she is ok with that, there is a bar that we go to that is about half and half black and white, when we go in there the guys look her up and down, I think she can find her a big dick there, swe have talked about it and we think we will try bar a couple times don't know how yet but we will learn, she wants to fuck a black man and I am certain there are some in there that would love for her to suck and fuck them.

1 month ago


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    • Just remember when they start fucking her her pussy will get looser and looser my wife was tight till we started letting black guys fuck her now she’s loose for me but still tight on them but I love it when fuck her loose cum filled pussy I go in as soon as the black guy pulls out

    • Make it happen. I promise you most of those black guys would love to duck your wife.

      They know most white women have not been with a black man so they are tight

    • Hmmmm ?okay !! then ...

    • My wife's mother split from her father and hooked up with a black man. She seemed to be having a better sex life than us. So the wife asked what I would do if she went black. I said I would seat back and watch you get fucked as long as you let fuck you when he is done. She did it I watched when she was done I fucked her. She has been dating black men for the past 8 years and has improved both of our sex lives.

    • Hot story I find it believerable because I went through many of the same things

    • My kind of story awesome

    • First of all black men love married white women because they don't have to make any commitment to them. And when they see a married white woman in a bar by herself it won't take long before she finds a guy. Now I have seen my wife fucking other men before and it was hot. But the first time she was with a black guy it was all together different just seeing how big and thick his cock was I thought to myself that there's no way she could handle this guy's cock. My wife sucked on his cock the best she could at first. Then she stripped off her clothes and he looked at me and said dam you let guys fuck your wife she's fine as hell. She layed on her back and he started licking her smooth pussy I watched my wife cum from this guy licking her pussy. Then he got on top of her and she opened her legs wide. He had his cock in his hand jacking it and slapping my wife's pussy with it rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy lips she was wet as hell. With his hand he pushed the head of his cock inside my wife she gasped for air as he continued to push himself into my wife's pussy. He was about half way in her and he told her to just relax her tight pussy and let him in she lifted her legs up and he slowly started fucking her and she had another orgams I couldn't believe that he had all of his cock inside of her pussy and I never heard my wife talk dirty like she was with him saying how big his cock was and telling him to fuck her pussy she was playing with her tits. I got behind him and all I could see was his big balls slapping her ass as he fucked her now her legs were up over his shoulders and he was about to cum she grabbed his ass and wouldn't let him pull out of her when he finished and pulled out of her cum dripping down to her ass hole she sat up and licked his cock clean. Now she's fucked a lot of black guys over the years and allows them to do anything they want to her so good luck with your wife and the sloppy seconds are great.

    • Fake and gay

    • Sounds like the title of your autobiography.

    • So? Who cares?

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