My amazing wife

Thirty some years ago after only like two months of dating her she looked at me and told me exactly this, if you will marry me Joe I will give you sex anytime you want it.
I met her in a bar just outside the base, she was a waitress and pretty much was forced to wear a very revealing outfit and put up with drunk soldiers groping her. She was and is very beautiful and it struck me very oddly that she would be working in such a bar but I was very ignorant at the time to the ways of a foreign country.
We got married and I had to admit the sexual part was very nice but I did truly love her, once she was out from under her job she blossomed even more and I think by just the way I was treating her more like a queen than she ever expected she was really happy. She gave me more pleasure than I could have ever dreamed of and still does today.

3 months ago

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