I want to forget what he did

When I was 20. I was pregnant by my then bf.

He got me pregnant by raping me. I stayed because I was afraid to leave. He would take all of my clothes and lock them up and force me to be naked in the apartment. If I started eating without him, he was beat me. When I came home from work or class he would "inspect" me by making me strip down, and bending over so he could see if I was loose or open. And he would grope my breasts to see if they were tender (they always were because I was pregnant). If he felt I was being unfaithful, he would beat me and he would leave visible bruises so people knew I belonged to somebody. I stayed for 7 years where he would steal my money and rape me and convince me i wasnt loved or lovable.

When I left, he got his entire family to call and harass me. Its been 6 years and I feel like I will never get over it. Our son is 12 and we have zero contact with my now ex.

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  • He's a piece of shit. Get a concealed carry permit and learn how to use your weapon. If you run into him and he puts his hands on you, end him.

  • Have you called the cops? No? Well do it, assholes like him never stop until they find a new victim.

  • I wish your story weren't so common but it really is. I've got three girl friends who all escaped horribly abusive relationships. It's sickening to think some men think this is acceptable

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