Posted a while back about a glory hole near me

I posted like six months ago about finding a guy with a glory hole and it turned out he was only about five minutes from my house. I have gone there so much in the last few months that he told me to just send him a text when ever I want to come over so he knew I was on my way. But if I walked up to the side door and it was locked then he was not home.
He is an amazing cock sucker and has never turned me down, because he lives so close I have even just walked over in the mornings sometimes. I have also asked him for more than one a day and he is always ready, I am wondering if he is just home bound or something because so far there has not been a time of day he has been unavailable.
He sucks on me from the moment I enter the hole until I back away giving me two orgasms if I want or just keeps on sucking for a bit past my first one which I find great. He licks and sucks on my balls as well and usually always cups them or wraps his fingers around them gently and massages them a little. He always swallows and I still tell him when I am about to orgasm but it is always the same thing, more sucking right on thru it.
I was a little worried one day because about an hour after I had returned from getting a double header from him my wife got horny and began getting frisky with me, she gets this way about three times a year so I never know when it will happen. She pulled down my shorts and I looked at my cock as it became exposed and thought damn the head looks a little bit red but she never asked me anything and went right to licking and sucking on me. We had a great time making love and I could not believe I got three blow jobs in one day, have not had that happen in forever.
anyways just wanted to post something on here today so hope you enjoyed reading it.

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