Cheating, with a twist

I'm a woman, 34, pregnant and married to a man 10 years my senior. I admit I married him out of convenience, so it's not a happy relationship by any stretch, but it's been falling apart now more than ever.

The first reason is that, when you marry an ego-driven wealthy man, you eventully he just wants you as a baby factory. There came a time when he only fucked me to get me pregnant, and at first I fought it, tried to keep the spark alive. Once he got what he wanted, I had to settle for dildo's and lustful looks from other men.

The other reason was quite unexpected. About a few weeks before I found out I was finally pregnant, I met a young man on his 20s. He had contacted me with proof that we had the same father (meaning we were half siblings unaware of each other), and said he wanted to meet. I'll leave out all the family history, but let's just say that out first meeting went well. Too well, in fact. I couldn't stop thinking about him for days, became overly glad when he texted... I became a little disturbed at the thought that I might have become attracted to him.

At first I thought it must have been my hormones, but I did a little bit of research and found it's actually something rather common, called "genetic sexual attraction" (google it). Apparently, most people that experience it don't act on it... but on our second meeting we did. It kind of felt like a date, so when we were alone we kissed. And things were getting heated until we both snapped out of it, and freaked out. We stopped talking for a few days, but I sent my brother what I had researched and told him it was ok that we both felt this way. We stopped seing each other for a few days to cool off, but we kept in touch... and frankly, I thought a lot of him in a sexual way. No guilt about that.

We met again weeks later, and from the get-go it was obvious how things were gonna end. I was flirty, he was a gentleman, constanly remarking how beautiful I looked pregnant. The fact we were siblings was an afterthought. By 7, he was making love to me at his place.

We've been lovers ever since, and my husband is away so much he wouldn't even notice if he cared. I've never had better sex in my life, he is the kind of man that can make tender love to me or, if I ask, fuck his whore every way he wants until he leaves her shaking and gasping for air. It's all so naughty, the mere thought of having my brother cum inside is enough to get us both going. And he's delighted, because he likes older women. We're not sure it's gonna last, but we're enjoying it as long as we can.


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  • Loved your story had me rockhard two things I was wanting to be with a pregnant woman and my sister has the biggest nipples and I’ve had neither one

  • Lucky you! Not often that "long lost" siblings find each other, and even better that you can have sex. Must be quiet and secret though. It is frowned upon!

  • Sexually, I'm connected to him in a way I haven't been to any other man in my life. When he fucks me I lose my mind.
    We've been very quiet about his identity precisely because of that (we share the same last name because of our father, but it's such a common name around here that it doesn't matter). Only my best friend knows that I'm seeing someone other than my husband, and she doesn't blame me. She just doesn't know he's my brother.

  • It's a shame it's frowned upon. I don't really understand why?

  • GSA is very common and is very understandable. I've had a sexual relationship with my sister and I love her very much

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