Wife didn't come home

My wife went to a dinner party at a friend's house. Her friend has a side business selling lingerie and she went over to pick up some things she ordered as well as try on some of the samples with her friends. That's why husbands weren't allowed to go. It was a girl thing. I said "fine" and hung out at home and watched sports and had a few beers.

It was getting late, around 11 PM, and my wife hadn't come home yet. I called her, and I could tell that she was drunk. It was also really loud in the background, music blaring and loud chat. I offered to pick her up, even though it was only a few miles away, but she said don't worry I'll be home in about an hour.

I went to bed and woke the next morning and she still hadn't come home. I called her, but got her voicemail. She eventually rolled in at 9:30 AM and her blouse was wrinkled, hair was a mess, mascara slightly smeared, and the lipstick she put on the previous evening was gone.

She said she realized she was too drunk to drive and didn't want to bother me, so she stayed over. I asked if she had sex, but she said no. I don't know. She immediately took the lingerie she had in her bag and washed it right away. That made me suspicious, but maybe I'm overthinking things. I don't have any reason to suspect that she ever has cheated on me in our 6 years together, and don't think she's bi, but this one makes me wonder.


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  • If this was the 1st time she's come home looking well fucked I'd let it go. It's not worth obsessing about it. She was drunk and I'd bet that she and her friends all got laid. If it happens again you need to make an issue of it.

  • You are not overthinking anything, she cheated on you and is praying you don't ask to many questions.She wants you to forget the whole think like it never happened. Try to check her phone , don't push her with questions , she will clam up and become defensive. In the end you will probably lose all trust in her and that will change you're relationship or destroy it. The ball is in your court , you have to decide what course to take.

  • There is no need to wonder, she screwed her brains out. Her actions gave her away, You have to decide to live with it or take steps to see what she is up to. I suspect she will be doing it again so just wait for her to make the next move.

  • Well sweetheart, I'm afraid your wife was shagged good and proper, probably by more than one guy and she had to wash the spunk splash from her lingerie when she got home!! I expect she had a shower as well to wash some from inside her pussy and arse. Sorry, but that's how it goes.

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