One of the Best

One night, a few years back my wife Sharon had a friend named Debbie over and they drank a lot of wine. I had been in the basement watching hockey and after the game went up to offer Debbie a ride home. They were both really drunk and said not until they finished the wine, it was their third bottle, with one more to go. To give them more time to drink I went for a shower, after which I returned to the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of track pants. My wife shocked me when she asked "who's boobs are bigger?" and both of them leaned back in their chair with their arms back and the chests pushed forward. I decided I was going to make the best of this and said "let me check them out and see". Standing between them I took a tit from both of them and squeezed, Sharon's were firmer, but Debbie's seemed bigger. "I need to take some measurements" and I went to get a string, and when I came back Sharon had lifted her t-shirt and bra, while Debbie undid her blouse and bra and both pair of tits were waiting for my string measurements. Meanwhile my cock had stiffened up and I pulled the head out above the waist of my pants to see if they would even notice. I used the string to measure the length, and circumference of all four tits. And I used my hands to squeeze and compare weight, and of course fondle their melons and in the end, with a glance at the labels, Sharon's were a C-cup and Debbie's were a D-cup, I declared Debbie's as the largest tits, but Sharon's were the firmest. As I enjoyed the sight before me I could see Debbie trying to get her eyes to focus on my cock-head so I lowered the pants to reveal my throbbing eight inches. I think she knew what she was looking at but was too drunk to know for sure, I asked her again "You ready to go home?" She nodded "yes" and as she tried to stand I kissed Sharon's forehead and told her that I was going to fuck Debbie's mouth when I got her home, Sharon smiled her drunken approval then I added "and when I get home I'm going to fuck your mouth as well". I left Debbie's tits out as I helped her to the door then took her hand and said "Hold onto this..." I put her hand on my cock " will keep you from falling over". (It was something I learned years ago, if a drunk woman has a cock in her hand she won't fall down) When I got Debbie to the car and sat her down she put her other hand on my cock and tried to get it to her mouth. I told her "Wait until you get home, then I'll face-fuck you good".

Once at her house I put her hand on my cock again and led her inside. While she tried to get her keys out of her pocket with her free hand I undid her pants and started to finger her wet slit. She forgot about the keys just long enough for me to finger her to a slimy, wet orgasm. Once in the house I got her to sit in an arm chair, took my pants off and straddled her, then tipped her head back. "Open your mouth" she did, and as soon as my cock was in she locked her lips and started to suck, as I started to fuck her mouth. I enjoyed her expert cock-sucking skills for a few minutes then with a hand on each side of her head I set to pounding her mouth. "Suck my cock slut!" With no regard for her comfort or possible enjoyment, I drove my cock-head in and out of her throat, listening to her gagging and choking as I did. Sharon was good, real good and even though I was anger-fucking her face, she kept right on sucking until I forced every inch into her head and with my cock in her throat, being massaged by her gag reflex, I pumped my wad deep down her throat. When I pulled my cock from her face she gasped for air for a few moments, took a couple of deep breaths, then passed out.

When I got home I found Sharon in bed, naked, and on her stomach. I knew this display was her way of saying she wanted her ass fucked, so, even though she was out cold, I obliged and fucked her lovely ass until I pumped a wad into it. When morning broke I woke up before her, and she asked "Did you do my butt?" I said yes, she then asked "what did you do to Debbie?" I told her "I throat-fucked her good" Sharon put her head on my shoulder and we went back to sleep.

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  • I guess that's what happens when you change the names "to protect the innocent".

  • Man you can't keep your gals straight . you took Debbie home but she became Sharon .
    Being this happened I think you're full of shit or someone's cum.

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