Can't wait til I can go to a adult store

I can't order anything from the internet and not get caught, and can't go to a adult store until 18. Ugh it's so fusterating. I have a hairbrush handle that feels good but want to experience more.

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  • When I was a teen, my favorite toys were a miniature hockey stick and baseball bat. You know the type you get at the local teams? They are the right size and length for this young girl's pleasures. Use your imagination and you can enjoy giving them a slow stroking and wet suckling, before getting your pleasures on. Never had to hide them from my parents and siblings since they are from my favorite sports teams and they had their own(but not for the same purpose). Have an idea what type of toy you be gettng as your first toy? Do let us know.

  • Go and buy a massager know one will know what you use it for and it is safer than a hair brush ..Of course you can use a banana , cucumber, or other type of fruit...If you are under 18 and afraid of getting caught with a "dildo" then a masssger is good ..and for men the tip of a massger gently upon the side of your cock or even better and more sensitive is put it on the tip of your penis

  • Try a banana or cucumber.

  • Your time will come!

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