She's too much

I'm dating this girl in college and I'm about ready to end it. We've only been dating for three weeks. She's really pretty and for the most part looks like a proper girl outside of some tattoos.

I don't like her vibe in the bedroom. I'm more of a soft and sensual type, but she is really into being roughed up and degraded. She asks me to slap her, choke her, and the worst was when she wanted me to piss in her mouth. I can't do any of those things to her, because I like her.

I told her that I'd like to be nice when we have sex, but she said if I love her I'll meet her needs. What? She needs piss down her throat? That's batshit crazy. The weird thing is that she's totally normal other than when we're in the bedroom.

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  • If you don't do it someone else will. My advise it to give her what she wants and then some. When your old and grey toy will remember her fondly.

  • Give her what she wants, because your relationship will end when you've had enough, but the memories will be worth it. But, be careful trying this kink with another woman, because you will want to do it again, maybe even 20 years from now.

  • Id ask her about her past. She might have had trauma. I dated a woman who was divorced 33 and she was into some heavy abuse during sex. Found out she was abused as a child, got into BSDM in college, was a sex slave to a couple in exchange for rent, and was on lithium for bipolar and depression. She was kinky but too out of her head to stay with long term.

  • So women get off on being dominated. They love being roughed up or muscled to the ground as though it was a wrestling match where she needs to be pinned or beaten . In the end it doesn't matter as long as she gets off.

  • My second wife was into rough sex .At first it was all soft lovemaking. then one night she demanded that I spank her while doing her from behind. It took me by suprise that she loved it so much. Soon after that our sex life changed completely, she want more spanking and harder. She loved the rough sex and being treated as a slut. I asked where all this rough sex came from , she explained she had always loved rough sex, the best lovers she had were the ones that were rough and treated her like a slut. She once bragged she could get any man to fuck her like a whore, men are easy she said.

  • Why cant you compromise? sometimes nice, sometimes rough

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